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From a distance, the warm and gentle voice of the youth sounded over the wind:

“……The water temperature to brew the tea is very particular, the water temperature varies from different kinds of tea.

This Puer tea alone has a lot of things to pay attention to.

For example, aged Puer is suitable to brew with boiling water, while the palace Puer made of bud tips and Puer green plates are not advisable to use boiling water to avoid it from blanching the tea leaves.”

“Different types of tea have different brewing times too.

Old tea and coarse tea can be brewed longer, while young tea and fine tea are the opposite…

“If the heat is not right, it will spoil the tea aroma and taste.”


Qin Jiu sat there absent-mindedly, and nodded occasionally.

She didnt quite understand what Gu Ze Zhi was saying.

Arent all Puers the same She didnt know the difference between the palace Puer and Puer green plates.

It all tastes the same!

Qin Jiu gave some response once in a while, her big apricot eyes were blank.

Gu Ze Zhi looked at Qin Jiu, and couldnt help but raise the corner of his lips.

This little girl seemed so innocent and harmless, but her claws were sharper than anyone else.

Now she is in a daze and her claws shrunk, she was innocent again, just like a cat, she had two sides to her, which was very interesting.

The autumn breeze was neither cold nor hot, and the air covered with the fragrance of flowers lingered on the tip of their nose, which made people feel relaxed, peaceful and calm.

Gu Ze Zhis smile on the corners of his lips deepened, and he pushed the tea cup to Qin Jiu, “Try making another cup of tea…”

“Little sister.”

A mans voice interrupted Gu Ze Zhi at that time, Qin Jiu was suddenly brought out of her trance, and her spirits lifted.

She followed the voice and looked at Qin Ze Ning, then shouted happily, “Big Brother.”

Qin Ze Ning walked quickly to them and said to Qin Jiu: “Ive come to bring you home……”

While he was talking to her, he glanced at Gu Ze Zhi defensively.

“Okay.” Qin Jiu was thinking of running away but had no good excuse to do so.

She immediately responded, impatiently got up and said to Gu Ze Zhi, “Big Brother, Im going home now.”

Qin Ze Ning was stunned for a moment, only to realize that his sisters second call “big brother” was not referring to him.

He narrowed his eyes, his gaze darkened, and he looked at Gu Ze Zhi again, and his gaze wasnt only cautious, but also dissatisfied.

“This is……” Qin Ze Zing asked calmly.

“The third son of Duke Duan.

The great…….third son Gu, this is my eldest brother.” Qin Jiu briefly introduced, then looked at Qin Ze Ning with scorching eyes, signalling that they could leave now.

Gu Ze Zhi smiled slightly and said: “Little girl, I just taught you……”

Qin Jius heart skipped a beat, fearing that he would let her brew tea again, and hurriedly said, “Thank you, big brother, for your advice, next time I will treat big brother with a good cup of tea.”

Gu Ze Zhi nodded, “Little girl, you must remember what youve promised me.”

“I will remember, I will definitely remember.”

Qin Jiu simply replied in response, and quickly pulled Qin Ze Ning away.

Gu Ze Zhi sat alone in the pavilion, made a cup of tea for himself, his gestures were elegant and calm.

Seeing Qin Jius departure, the third prince, Gu Rui came over and said apologetically to Gu Ze Zhi: “Uncle Ze, just now, the second brother was just too impatient.”

He really didnt know what his second brother was thinking, he actually left Gu Ze Zhi here all by himself.

Haih, its too unwise of him to embarrass him like this.

Gu Rui didnt show any emotions on his face, and changed the subject with a smile: “Uncle Ze, Im playing darts over there.

Would you like to check it out”


Gu Ze Zhi put down the tea cup in his hands, got up, followed Gu Rui and walked over to the willow tree not too far away from them, with a calm posture.



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