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Priest Yunguang also came back to her senses at this time, she realized that whatever was going on with her body would for sure have something to do with Qin Jiu, and the story about Master Cheng and the old priest that Qin Jiu had mentioned earlier, was also directed at her!

And Qin Jiu had the support of Empress Wei.

The question is, how did Qin Jiu find out that she had red sores on her back and an ulcerated mouth

Priest Yunguangs gaze turned gloomy.

Qin Jiu is too smart!

Shes clever because she knows that Empress Dowager Liu is a believer in taoism, so instead of directly bashing about the pill like Empress Wei, she first affirmed Empress Dowager Liu to make her feel that she was on the same side as her, this would make her believe Qin Jius words even more.

Priest Yunguang couldnt figure out the reason behind this, she didnt provoke Qin Jiu anymore, so why is Qin Jiu still attacking her!

At this moment, even if Priest Yun Guang said that Qin Jiu was deliberately framing herself, Empress dowager Liu would not believe her at all.

Whats more, Priest Yun Guang herself couldnt figure out what happened to her.

How could she have the exact same symptoms as the Master Cheng in the story Also, why is her whole body suddenly twitching, her abdomen in deep pain, and her gums were starting to bleed Although she did feel some discomfort before, but it was not this serious at all.

Priest Yun Guang looked at Qin Jiu again, and Qin Jiu held onto her handkerchief tightly, her face filled with shock.


Priest Yun Guangs breathing started to turn heavy, she coughed several times, and her body trembled even more.

“Could it be that Priest Yun Guang took the elixir that she made” Empress Wei took a deep breath, and also panicked, her voice choked with emotions, “The emperor……”

Empress Dowager Liu suddenly remembered that the elixir that the emperor was taking was cultivated by Priest Yun Guang, and Empress Wei once mentioned to her that abscesses had recently started to appear on the emperors back ……

However, the emperor did not suffer from abdominal pain and seizures like Priest Yun Guang……Priest Yun Guang must have taken too much of the poison elixir she had cultivated! The emperor wasnt suffering as much because he only took small doses.

Empress Dowager Liu immediately convinced herself.

The emperor is Empress Dowager Lius dearest child.

This matter involves the health of the emperors royal body.

Empress Dowager Liu felt anxious and quickly summoned the imperial physician.

Not long after, an old imperial physician came hurriedly with one of the palace maids, and after paying his respect to Empress Dowager Liu and Empress Wei, he went to check on Priest Yun Guangs pulse.

The old imperial physician quickly reported to Empress Dowager Liu: “Empress dowager, Priest Yun Guangs body is being attacked by some kind of poison, her liver and gallbladder is of a damp and hot state, which condensed into a scorching fire in her body, it is the signs of a blazing fire toxin……”

“Imperial physician, was she poisoned by the elixir” Empress Wei interrupted the old imperial physicians words.

The old imperial physician hesitated for a while, and said: “Im afraid so.” Priest Yun Guang is indeed poisoned, but she seemed to have also taken a small amount of Threewingnut Roots just now, but this dosage of Threewingnut Roots was not enough to kill a person.

It didnt matter if he mentions it or not.

Upon hearing this, Priest Yun Guang was even more shocked.

She didnt take the elixir at all, how could she be poisoned!

When Empress Dowager Liu heard the imperial physicians words, he confirmed her guess that Priest Yun Guangs body was indeed attacked by poison because she had taken an inferior elixir.

Priest Yun Guang was actually an evil cultivator!!

Empress Dowager Liu was fuming with anger, her chest shook violently, and she said sternly: “Take down this evil cultivator!”

Priest Yun Guang ignored the discomfort she felt in her body, knelt down and begged: “Please forgive me, empress dowager!”

All this happened so fast that Qin Xin didnt dare to act rashly at all, she was also shocked by what was happening before her.

How could this happen!

Yun Guang was supposed to be doing well for the next few years, was she too careless, or was it because of Qin Jiu

Qin Xin slowly looked at Qin Jiu, her eyes full with distress.

In addition to her distress, her gaze was also filled with anger.

Qin Jiu, this bitch is so caught on about seeking revenge on even the smallest matters.

To put it bluntly, she is just jealous of her.

She wanted to stop her, she wanted to fight for the second prince, so thats why she is targeting Yun Guang!

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