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The Imperial Noble Consort Lius eyebrows frowned slightly, Priest Yun Guang received quite some benefits from her.

All because of her, in the past two years, the Empress Dowager was even more dissatisfied with the Empress! If Yun Guang collapses now, wouldnt it be in the Empresss favour!

Imperial Noble Consort Liu hurriedly said in a convincing tone: “Empress Dowager, Priest Yun Guang is a priest with high cultivation skills, you cant just believe the third ladys story and……”

“How can this story be fake” Empress Dowager Liu interrupted her directly, pointing to Priest Yun Guang and said in a cold voice, “Her symptoms are exactly the same as those described by the old priest.

The old priest is a true immortal.

Yun Guang is clearly an imposter and is pretending to be a priest, shes actually an evil cultivator!”

Empress Dowager Liu got even more angry, as she continued on, the more she felt that the Imperial Noble Consort Liu was literally brainless, and scolded: “Are you hoping for the worst for the emperor! You just want this evil cultivator to harm the emperor again!”

This sentence was her deepest fear!

Imperial Noble Consort Liu: “…”

The Empress Dowager Liu has never scolded the Imperial Noble Consort Liu in front of so many people before.

“Hurry up and take her away!” Empress Dowager Liu said again, her face turned pale.

The palace maids did not dare to hesitate any further, they clamped Priest Yun Guang down quickly and dragged her away.

Priest Yun Guang was still shouting unwillingly: “Empress Dowager, youve got it all wrong! Someone is framing me…… Ah!”

Her mouth was stuffed with a rag to stop her from making any noise.

Empress Wei blinked at Qin Jiu, the corners of her lips curled up and she made sure that Empress Dowager Liu couldnt see her slight change in expression.

The two exchanged glances.

Priest Yung Guang was quickly dragged away and disappeared from their sight.

Empress Dowager Liu hadnt calmed down yet, her lips pressed tightly together.

She trusted Priest Yun Guang, who wouldve known that she would turn out to be an evil cultivator!

This evil cultivator consumed the inferior elixirs she made, and even coaxed her to let the emperor take them as well…… Oh right, the emperor!

Empress Dowager Lius face turned pale, and she quickly summoned: “Someone, find out where the emperor is now.

If he is well, please ask him to come over and tell him that there is something important that I have to inform him about.”

A palace attendant in a green robe immediately responded.

Empress Dowager Liu felt frustrated because Yun Guang was so evil and wicked, but she was also relieved.

When she looked at Qin Jiu again, Empress Dowager Lius gaze softened and she said, “Good child, you are very kind.”

Qin Jiu bowed politely and said with a smile: “It is Empress Dowager that is blessed.”

Her words were like candy to Empress Dowager Lius ears

Empress Dowager Liu was very satisfied, and thought in her heart: Yes, it must be because of her devotion to religion that her late husband brought Qin Jiu to her side to enlighten her, so that she wouldnt be deceived by the evil cultivator and make such a grave mistake.

Qin Xin stared at Qin Jiu dazely, her heart was beating fast, she couldnt suppress her stubborn self any longer.

She still had so much to rely on Yun Guang to accomplish, even if Yun Guang would have to fall sooner or later, it shouldnt be now!

Qin Xins gaze was gloomy.

When she first saw Yun Guang, it was in her previous life.

At that time, Yun Guang was exiled to Ling Nan, and they had met just once.

It was said that Yun Guang had scammed many in the capital, deceiving many women who wanted children in the name of birth charms.

One of them was the elder lady from the marquesss mansion.

The elder lady hadnt been able to bear a child in the past for ten years.

After begging for a birth charm from Yun Guang, she immediately got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

Yun Guangs fame rose because of this.

But later on, as the child grew, he didnt look like the marquesss eldest son.

It would be slightly better if he was good looking, but he was ugly and timid, which became the talk of the town.

Only then they discovered that the birth charm was fake!

All the women who went to her in hopes for a child, Yun Guang would let them drink a cup of tea that she claimed was submerged along with the charm, they would then slowly fall asleep.

When they completely lose their consciousness, they will be raped by men that Yun Guang brought along.

Some of them will end up pregnant, and this made Yun Guang even more famous in town.

As soon as the news spread, it created quite an uproar.

The eldest lady hanged herself to death and the child was sent to a temple.

Yun Guang was exiled to Ling Nan.

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