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While thinking this, Qin Gui took a harsh bite of her fried rice cracker.

It released a crisp crunch when she bit the crispy fried rice cracker.

Eh Qin Gui was a bit confused.

She looked down at the fried rice cracker in her hands.

Strange, why was she holding this

Xiao Ze chuckled at Qin Guis foolish expression.

His smile was gentle like the spring wind.

Qin Gui looked at him quietly and finished the fried rice cracker in a few bites.

Then, she reached over and picked up a second one.

She decided that shed return to the marquis residence!

Instead of being tortured by this nightmare day and night, shed return to the plot.

When she finished the plot, she could peacefully open up a store.

While eating the fried rice cracker, Qin Gui quickly thought about it in her mind.

In the plot, during this time, Qin Xin was probably engaged to the Second Prince.

The old marquis did the second year after Qin Xin was brought back to the marquis residence.

The original bodys real parents died in their place of exile.

Three years after morning, by the time the Qin Family returned to court, they had lost most of their power.

In the capital containing countless influential and powerful figures, Qin Zhun, this new marquis, received a so-so job.

He didnt get to do what he wanted.

Up until the Second Prince proposed to marry Qin Xin.

There were seven princes.

The eldest prince was the empress son, and he had died early on.

Of the rest of the princes, only the Sixth Prince was the son of the empress, but he was still young.

The second son was the son of the imperial consort.

Mothers depended on their sons statuses.

Besides the Sixth Prince, the Second Prince was the most noble one.

Lately, the emperors body has been getting worse and worse.

The court had been arguing heavily over whether conferring the title of a crown prince or an emperor.

Because Qin Zhun was engaged to the Second Prince, they were on the same boat.

What would happen if she popped out and told the Qin Family that Qin Xin was just a wet nurses daughter

Obviously, Qin Xin wouldnt be able to stay engaged to the Second Prince anymore because of her status.

The moment Qin Xin was out of the picture, Qin Family and the Second Princes relationship wouldnt be steady anymore.

In front of profit, even if Qin Xin was Qin Familys blood, it didnt mean anything.

At this time, Qin Family would be at a disadvantage.

Even if she wanted to return being an insignificant character, she needed to at least take advantage of the situation first.

She didnt want to become a cannon fodder under such a strong heroine halo.

Therefore, she needed an opportunity.

The group arrived in Qinyun County while Qin Gui had been racking her head for the past few days.

The line into the city was very long, so the head of the bodyguards had someone go make inquiries.

They ended up in line while waiting for information.

“This small county town is really troublesome!”

A delicate female voice rang not far from behind.

“Sister Qin Xin, I dont want to wait in line with these dirty cheap peasants.

You must have a way, right”

“Before leaving, I saw cousin giving you a token.”

Hearing “Qin Xin,” Qin Gui paused and subconsciously looked towards the sound of the voice.

About five or six people away, there were a few young masters and ladies riding the tall horses wearing glamorous clothes.

They seemed to be in their teens, each one eluding a noble aura, a stark contrast to the common people.

Qin Gui had only read the novel, so she didnt know what Qin Xin looked like.

Clearly, Qin Xin who had possession of her past lifes memory knew what the original body looked like.

Qin Gui quickly shrunk back and hid inside the horse carriage, a thought gnawing at her mind.

Why was Qin Xin here!

Xiao Ze lifted his brows and also looked towards him, an interesting glint in his eyes.


Who was this girl hiding from

Up until they entered the city did Qin Gui sigh.

This wasnt the best time for the heroine to find her!


At this time, the bodyguard that went to inquire also came back.

He said, “The emperor arrived at Jianglin Palace three days ago.

There are rumors that he is going to mingle with the common people incognito mode.

These days, the guards have been strictly monitoring the people entering and leaving the city…”

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