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Her words echoed into Mrs Sus ears and her broken left canine teeth started to twitch in pain.

Qin Jiu was indirectly praising that Du Ruo had done a good job!

Mrs Su heaved a few breaths, she felt as if something was stuck in her chest, she gritted her teeth and said: “I have to quickly arrange for her marriage, and marry her off soon!” A troublemaker like her should be married off and bring chaos to another family.

Mama Zhao hurriedly tried to calm Mrs Su down, she persuaded: “Madam, an ignorant lady like her, when she gets married, shell for sure suffer!”

Mrs Su thought about this, and her expression slightly relaxed.

A womans life, in the end, depends on the person she marries, a countryside girl like her who was raised by the common folk, wont marry to a good family, if a low level minister was ever willing to marry her, she should thank God for this blessing!

No matter how powerful the Empress Dowager is, can she possibly force the Marquess Manor to take in Qin Jiu!

Just wait until she chooses a family that “looks harmonious on the outside, but in reality, terrible” for her, her in-laws would naturally help her teach this rude brat a lesson!

Just by thinking about this, the corners of Mrs Sus lips curled up slightly, she forced down her anger, and said to herself, that day will come.

The fact that Qin Jiu had embarrassed Mrs Su, naturally couldnt hide from the eyes of the maids and servants in the manor.

When they all thought of the fact that even Mrs Su had no way to deal with Qin Jiu, she even broke her tooth and bled because of her, all of the servants naturally didnt dare to provoke Qin Jiu again, not only did they provide her with three meals a day with the right portions, the flowers, incense, and her bath towels were all taken extra care of, no one dared to play any tricks anymore.

Qin Jius “notoriety” spread across the whole Marquess Mansion, even her cousins in the mansion stayed away from her.

Qin Jiu didnt care, her life was so relaxed, she could do whatever she wanted.

She was too busy practicing calligraphy every day and buried herself in books.

Although she knew quite a few traditional chinese characters, however, writing it out was a problem, she was just like a semiliterate person.

On October 27, the day the ancestral hall opened, a skinny young man stormed into Rong He Hall.

“Fifth Young Master.” A maid chased after the young man into the east room, and then backed out upon Mama Nings orders.

Qin Jiu looked over to the direction the sound was coming from, and saw a boy that was about twelve or thirteen years old, wearing a sapphire blue robe that was embroidered with cranes and bamboos, a black belt was tied around his waist, along with sharp facial features and cherry red lips.

His handsome facial features slightly resembled Qin Zening, just that their temperament was completely different.

Qin Zenings temperament was chic and relaxed, along with a slight playfulness in him, and this young man felt like firecrackers that would instantly ignite in flames.

The boys eyebrows were furrowed, his thin lips tightly pressed together, and when he looked at Qin Jiu, he was slowly taking her in, and more so, he looked at her with a strong sense of hostility.

Qin Zening frowned and said, “Yu, why are you back”

He was the second eldest son of the first wife, he studied at the Songfeng Academy.

Qin Zeyu coldly looked at Qin Jiu from the corner of his eyes, then looked away, and looked at Lady Qin on the arhat bed, “Grandma, my sister is the second sister, not any stranger can be my sister! “

“Grandma, I dont want my second sister to be adopted by the second wife!” Qin Zeyu said with a dissatisfied tone.

Qin Zenings expression worsened, and interrupted him, “Qin, Ze, Yu, your sister is Jiu!”

Qin Zeyu stubbornly snorted, he pointed at Qin Jiu with his chin and flashed a disdainful smile as he said disgustingly: “Such a hillbilly, I wont accept her!”

In Qin Zeyus eyes, Qin Xin, who grew up with him and taught him to read and write with her own two hands, was his sister.

Qin Jiu was just a hillbilly who popped out of nowhere!

Why should Qin Xin give in for Qin Jiu!

Qin Zenings expression sank even more.

Mrs Qin hurriedly coaxed Qin Zeyu and said, “Brother Yu, youre a good boy, the ancestral halls opening is set today, and everyone in the clan has arrived.”

Qin Zeyu clenched his fist and walked towards Qin Xin who was sitting on the right side of Lady Qin, he held onto her sleeve with one hand, his expression even more serious.



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