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Qin Zening continued on after Qin Jius words and said: “Good.

That bow is the emperors treasure, he only let me try it once, then I wasnt allowed to touch it again!”

Upon seeing that the two of them ignored him, Qin Zeyu wasnt happy about it, he quickened his pace, walked to Qin Jius side and asked: “Hey, can this bow really shoot 400 steps far And could even plunge three inches into the target”

Qin Jiu still ignored him.

Qin Zeyu got even more upset, and shouted, “Hey! Qin Jiu, Im talking to you!”

As Qin Jiu still ignored him, Qin Zeyu stepped forward again, he was standing on the step above hers.

He looked down at her condescendingly as he said impatiently, “Im talking to you!”

Qin Jiu looked at him with a smile and asked, “Who am I”

Qin Zeyu: “……”

Qin Jiu raised her hand and patted him on the arm as she said with a smile: “After youve thought this through, then you can come talk to me.”

As she went on, she walked around him, and continued to move forward along the stone steps.

Qin Zening followed Qin Jius steps towards the top of the mountain.

Qin Zeyu stood there in a daze, he stared at Qin Jius figure from the back, and was frozen still for quite some time.

It wasnt until Qin Jiu and Qin Zening walked quite the distance that he realised that he had been left behind, he then chased after them in low spirits, and followed behind his brother and sister gloomily.

A young novice in a grey robe came to welcome Qin Jiu and the others, he then took them to the Daxiong Hall to pray with a big smile on his face.

Qin Jiu and the two offered some money, and then went to the Dizang Hall to pay respect at their parents memorial tablets.

After that, the young novice brought them around the temple, and then went to the temples west wing room to have a vegetarian meal.

After the meal, the three of them left Huangjue Temple and went down the mountain path where they had just come up from.

On the way down the mountain, Qin Jiu only talked to Qin Zening as before, and Qin Zeyu was left behind them.

When they got to the foot of the mountain and she was about to enter the carriage, Qin Zeyu couldnt hold it in anymore, and shouted unhappily, “Qin Jiu!”

Qin Jiu just pretended to not hear him, and stepped into the carriage with her skirt lifted.

Qin Zeyu stomped angrily.

On the way back, he rode on his horse and galloped away without saying another word.

The carriage stopped at the Marquess Mansions front gate.

After Qin Jiu and Qin Zening greeted each other, they both entered the inner courtyard.

Before she left, she heard Qin Zeyus screaming voice from behind: “Big brother, what on earth is going on in your mind, whats so good about Qin Jiu, that she could make you turn your back against second sister for her.”

Qin Zeyu got even pissed, his face flushed with anger, “You dont know how sad second sister was when she saw me yesterday, how devastated she felt as she bawled, she didnt dare to cry in front of you, as she was afraid that you would take it out on her again!”

“How pitiful!”

A cold sneer appeared on Qin Zenings face, “Thats what Qin Xin said”

“She didnt say it out loud.” Qin Zeyu denied, “But I have a pair of eyes, I can tell!”

The second sister didnt come to him.

He was the one who watched her being left all alone as she kept looking at big brother so he took the initiative and went over.

She even smiled and asked him to get along well with Qin Jiu, and that he shouldnt fight with Qin Jiu because of her.

However, he saw that when second sister turned around, she quietly wiped away her tears with her handkerchief.

This is all Qin Jius fault, if Qin Jiu didnt return, she wouldnt be so upset!



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