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After the three of them walked out of Li’s pawnshop, they heard a giggly male voice coming from behind them: “Zening, did you come to pawn something because you’re in need of money You can always come to me if you need money.”

Qin Jiu turned towards the direction where the voice came from, and saw that a few feet away, a near seventeen to eighteen-year-old man, who was wearing a stone green four-claw python robe, galloped over on a black horse, and got off a few steps away from them.

The man was handsome and tall, as he walked, he flung the whip in his hand, he gave off an unruly temperament.

The people on the street knew with just a glance that this was the eldest brother of the Wu Cheng Security Bureau, everyone immediately scurried away.

Qin Zening raised his right eyebrow and said rudely: “Pei Qi, you yourself don’t even have enough money to spend every month! Can you even help”

Pei Qi touched his nose: “……”

The black horse also neighed at the same time, as if it was also agreeing to him.

Qin Zening: “You came just at the right time, follow me to a few places.”

Pei Qi: “Where”

Qin Zening: “Pawnshops.”

Pei Qi: “How short of money can you be……” As he spoke, he touched his money bag that was on his waist.

“Let’s go.” Qin Zening draped his arms over his shoulders boldly and dragged him along.

Qin Jiu and Qin Zeyu couldn’t catch a word of theirs at all, and followed along silently.

Pei Qi glanced briefly at Qin Jiu with the corner of his eyes, then stopped, and said with a very diligent smile: “Zening, is this your sister”

“Little sister, I’m very good friends with your elder brother, we grew up wearing the same pair of underwear.

You can call me seven brother from now on ……”

Before he could finish, Qin Zening already ruthlessly dragged him away.

Qin Zening brought Qin Jiu and the others to a few pawnshops, and found another three items, a high-quality 100 year old ginseng, a painting of a plum blossom that was drawn by the former painting master, Li Shuizhi, and a jade bowl along with a gold cover and tray from 300 years ago.

Pei Qi made the situation much easier.

With him standing by their side, Qin Zening didn’t even have to talk much, the shopkeepers of these pawnshops already blurted the truth, all they wanted was to send these troublemakers away.

“……I remember that the couple also said that they wanted to sell a shop on Dade Street.”

Just as the fat shopkeeper at the last pawnshop was sending them out, he added, and went back in.

Qin Zening sneered and said, “It really is Qin Xin.”

“I don’t believe you.” Qin Zeyu said without hesitation, his gaze flickered.

Qin Zening said: “Grandmother once gifted Qin Xin with a shop in private, and the shop is on Dade Street.”

Qin Zeyu gritted his teeth firmly and said: “Her evil servants must be doing something behind their masters back! It must be so.”

Qin Zening ignored him.

Some things are better for Qin Zeyu to see with his own eyes rather than trying to explain to him hundreds of times.

“I don’t care what she wants to do with her own things, but how dare she sell our mother’s dowry……” Qin Zening’s voice sounded even colder than before, and his gaze turned to Qin Jiu.

In Qin Zening’s point of view, Lady Wei’s dowry was for his younger siblings.

Qin Zening pulled Pei Qi aside, “Brother, do me a favor, you appear on my behalf and buy that shop for me.”

Pei Qi kept grinning and didn’t ask any further.

After all, living in such a big family, he has heard tons of messy schemes and secrets.

He slapped on his chest frankly and said: “You can count on me.

After it’s done, you have to buy me a drink!”

Qin Zening responded with a smile.

Pei Qi waved to them casually and left.

Qin Zening brought his siblings to a restaurant for lunch.

Qin Zening skillfully ordered some food and sent the waiter away.

He then poured some tea for Qin Jiu, glanced at Qin Zeyu, who pushed the teacup in front of him, and said disgustingly: “Do it yourself.”

Qin Zeyu: “……”

“Jiu, our mother’s dowry is now with our grandmother.” A few days after Qin Jiu returned to the Marquess Mansion, Qin Zening hadn’t had a chance to tell her this until now.

When the Qin family was ransacked and exiled back then, all the family’s properties, including the elder lady and several daughters-in-laws’s dowry, were confiscated.

When the Qin family was in exile, they had nothing.

Later, after the Qin family rehabilitated and returned to the capital, the emperor returned it to them.


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