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Chapter 1413: The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side, Is It

As a teacher in the National Film Academy, how could Teacher Liang stand hearing these words

The grass is always greener on the other side, was it

“Furthermore, this is not decided by me.

Its determined by the leaders of the four schools.

If you have any opinions, you can bring it up to the leaders of the four schools.

Its useless telling them to me,” Teacher Liang said coldly.

Everyone could hear that Teacher Liang was unhappy.

And from her words, they sensed the inappropriateness of Lu Qis words.

Those who had nodded previously all froze, not daring to move an inch.

Teacher Liang said straightforwardly, “Who else has Lu Mans ability and emerged victorious at the Chinese Arts Championships among the nations performing students Even the junior and senior students are not her match, and she has brought glory to the school.

If Lu Man cant go to New York, then the place will be given to that person.

The school will also discuss with the other three schools about leaving the spot just for them, even if they dont want to go to New York, like Lu Man.

Who can do it”

The murmurs of discussion fell silent after they heard Teacher Liangs question.

There were indeed many dissatisfied people previously.

Thinking the same as Lu Qi, feeling that Lu Man was occupying the spot for nothing and that the school was giving special treatment to Lu Man because of Han Zhuoli…

They thought that it was such a waste for Lu Man to take the spot but not go.

But after considering Teacher Liangs question, no one dared to guarantee that he or she could do better than Lu Man.

Since the majority of the class was not even qualified to enter the Chinese Arts Championships.

“Moreover, Lu Man did state clearly that she did not want to occupy this spot.

That we could cancel her name from the list since shes not going to New York.

But because there were some changes this year, the school also had considerations about asking Lu Man to remain here even if she could go to New York,” Teacher Liang said.

Everyone started muttering questioningly, “Why”

“What changes this year”

“Could it be changes to the exchange program”

“Is it because our schools three places became two”

“Alright, alright, quiet down.

Dont make blind guesses.” Teacher Liang raised her hands to motion for silence.

“Just listen to me, why guess for yourselves”

The class finally settled after a few moments.

When everyone was silent, Teacher Liang then continued, “Because of the changes this year, New York University will also send their students here for an exchange.”

“What! New York University will send their students here for an exchange”

“Is it to our school!

Everyone was eager.

“That means that even if we didnt make it to the list of exchange students, well still get a chance to compete with them and exchange pointers about acting, right”

“Everyone, quiet down, listen to me,” Teacher Liang said once again.

“Theyre not coming as exchange students.

Moreover, were sending a team of students from four schools to New York University, so how could they come to only our school

“Theyre sending ten students here for an exchange competition and theyre visiting every school.

Theyre coming to our school and to the other top three for sure, and are undecided as for the others.

And this time, the exchange competition is extremely important as well.

“Concrete rules for the competition have yet to come out, but the prize for the winning side has been decided upon.

Because theyre coming in the name of friendly exchange, theres no material award.

But the winning school can hang New York Universitys flag on the wall of fame of the losing school” The moment Teacher Liang finished speaking, the class gasped in disbelief.

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