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Chapter 1416: Becoming an Anti-fan

And during that night, after Lu Man and Han Zhuoli just reached home, her phone kept ringing with WeChats notifications.

A never-ending tinkling sound.

Lu Man found it weird, for her WeChat had never rung with such urgency before.

She opened it, only to see Zheng Yuan, Han Leilei, and Pan Xue taking turns bombarding her with messages.

Because she didnt want her phone to keep ringing when chatting in the group, Lu Man usually switched off the group chat notification.

Right then, all she saw were questions from Zheng Yuan and the other two.

“Lu Man, are you there”

“Come, quickly, reply if youre there!”

“A netizen said that you not going to the exchange in New York yet occupying the spot was because of the school giving you special treatment due to Young Master Hans influence.

They say its unfair to the other students.”

“Lu Man, when you see this, please go and reply on the Net! The discussions now are extremely unfavorable to you.”

“Lu Man, are you there!”

“When are you gonna come online!”

“Come quickly!”

“There are people on the Net saying that youre feeling guilty now.

The later you reply, the worse its gonna get!”

Lu Man quickly entered the chat.

“I just reached home and saw your messages.”

Pan Xue immediately replied: “You finally appeared.”

Zheng Yuan: “Go and make a statement.

Theres someone leading those malicious comments for sure.”

Han Leilei said: “We reckon its either Yu Jingxian or Lu Qi.

Only the two of them have the biggest reactions to this issue.

But this is only our guesses, were not sure either.

Itll be better if you deal with the issue first, then seek out the mastermind when youre done.”

“I understand, Ill settle it.

Dont worry,” Lu Man replied.

Lu Man did not immediately make a statement; instead, she went to gauge the netizens reactions first.

“Lu Mans not going to New York but still holding on to the slot Thats too much!”

“How can Lu Mans fans still speak up for her Isnt Lu Man insisting on doing things her way now that Han Zhuolis her husband”

“Suddenly thought of a meme,Does being rich mean you can be wilful”Sorry, but being rich, I can afford to be wilful. What more Lu Man, who has Han Zhuoli—the big boss of the entertainment industry—backing her up”

“But this doesnt stop us from saying that shes too much for bullying others like this, to be a dog in the manger just because of Han Zhuoli.

What right does she have to occupy the spot when shes not going”

“This matters too gross.

Sorry, but Im becoming an anti-fan.”

“The National Film Academy is really interesting.

Sacrificing other students interests just for Lu Man, all to curry favor with Han Zhuoli.

Lu Mans not going, so how good will it be if they gave this chance to someone else who wants to go”

“As a bystander, its not an issue with me no matter who this slot is given to, but even I cant stand for Lu Mans actions.

“This time, Lu Mans really in the wrong.

How can people still speak up for her”

Lu Man went to search for the origin of this issue and found an account used for gossip.

She contacted Da Xiong and sent a screenshot of the account details.

“Brother Xiong, did you receive any news about this Who sent details about this to this account anonymously” Lu Man asked.

“Heh, what a coincidence.

I just received news about this.

I was just about to call you.” Da Xiong said nothing else and just sent a few screenshots.

“Though the person is anonymous, I find the account name familiar, so I asked someone to sift through some old records.”

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