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Chapter 1429: Think About It

“Its probably our workers who leaked it to the paparazzi,” He Zhengbai said.

“Who did that!” Lu Qi immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

“I cant figure out who it is right now.

Previously, a lot of people suddenly resigned.

Even if I want to find out whos responsible for it, I dont know who to look for either.” He Zhengbai did not intend to pursue the matter either.

Anyway, his voice was not in the recording, so he did not stand to lose at all from this incident.

Lu Qi was the one who was thrown into the center of heated public discussion.

So he was not anxious at all and was not willing to look for trouble himself.

“And now is not the time to care about this.

Most importantly, we need to resolve the issue at hand now.

Your recording is already going viral online.

Although Weibo removed the post formaintaining harmony\'[1], there were many people who had already downloaded the recording and spread it around privately through messaging apps.”

Lu Qi panicked.

“I… Ill go and post an announcement now to deny that it was me.

I was wronged, and Ill say that if anyone continues to spread it, I will definitely take legal action.”

This was a very common method.

If you let people know that you were taking things seriously, the matter would surely die down after some time.

Alas, He Zhengbai actually said, “Its no use.

There is already a video of your voice comparison.

That video put the recording together with a video of you shooting behind-the-scenes highlights that had your normal voice and explained the similarities.

There is already sufficient evidence that the voice in the recording is yours.”

“What… What am I supposed to do now!” Lu Qi was about to go crazy.

How could she face other people like this!

What kind of shows could she take on with such a scandal going on!

“Thats why I said, lets not meet again any time soon.

The reporters will surely keep their eyes closely on us during this period.

If news of us meeting up keeps coming out, your scandal will be out in public for a longer time,” He Zhengbai said.

Lu Qi was not in the mood to feel happy that He Zhengbai was not distancing himself from her anymore.

She said anxiously, “But what am I supposed to do! Im doomed… Im doomed…”

“Theres only one way now,” He Zhengbai said.

“What way!” Lu Qi felt as if she was hanging by a thread to save her life while waiting for He Zhengbais answer.

“Now that the voice comparison is out, you can only answer personally to say that it is true, but you did not expect that people will secretly record it down.

Actually, this is not your fault to begin with.

We are lovers, and there will surely be times when we cant control our feelings! Its not like we did anything in public.

Its the people who recorded it that are in the wrong.

As long as you are sincere and act pitiful, you can get quite a few sympathy votes even if the whole issue cant be resolved.

At least you can make some of the netizens stand on your side.

Slowly, things will die down and it will be fine.”

Lu Qi still could not get over it.

This method to her was the last resort.

“I got it.

Let me think about it,” Lu Qi said.

He Zhengbai laughed soundlessly.


I especially asked my companys Public Relations expert for this.

He said that this was the best solution at the moment.

You can think about it first.”

Lu Qi minced her lips together.

As she knew Lu Man, she kind of looked down on those so-called PR experts.

Lu Man always pulled off interesting tricks, but what about those PR experts

They would only use normal methods, which were totally useless.

Once they went against Lu Man, not a single one of them could win.

Yet, the two best PR experts in the country right now had to be Lu Man and Wei Zilin.

[1] Chinese internet expression for censorship on social media sites.

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