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Chapter 1433: It Shouldnt Have Been Like This

“What nonsense are you saying!” Lu Qiyuan said angrily.

“Didnt you know how I treated Xia Qingwei and Lu Man back then because of you and Qi Qi Have I kicked both of you out of the house now”

Xia Qingyang was not scared of Lu Qiyuan now.

Anyway, the money was going to be in Lu Qis pocket soon.

Lu Qiyuan still did not know that yet.

“But you never ever hit Qi Qi in the past.

You never hit her before!” Xia Qingyang shouted.

Lu Qi very timely slumped on the floor and cried, “Dad, I know I did wrong.

I didnt expect people to hear it.

I was in Zhengbais office then.

“I felt that our relationship seemed to have faded a little.

I cant put my finger on it, but anyway, I just feel that its different from the past.

When I finally managed to see him that last time, the feelings from before came back.

I dont want anything bad to happen between me and him because I want to keep him by my side.

He really couldnt hold it in, so I…” Lu Qi covered her face and sobbed really pitifully.

Lu Qiyuan was angry.

He blamed Lu Qi for not being discerning of the location and for even daring to agree to do it at that kind of place.

It was fine if the office was soundproof.

However, the office was not soundproof at all.

That recording was simply recorded too clearly.

He hated He Zhengbai even more.

So Lu Qi was not discerning, but how could he not be

He had to pester Lu Qi at that kind of place.

It showed that he had never respected Lu Qi.

Seeing Lu Qi in this state, Lu Qiyuan softened.

She was still the girl hed doted on from a young age.

“Get up first.”

“Dad, I dont know whats going on recently either.

Everything isnt going smoothly.” Lu Qi had a dream previously.

She had a nagging feeling that her life was not supposed to be like this.

It seemed like everything went wrong ever since she tried to frame Lu Man.

She felt that the life that originally belonged to her should not have been like this.

Her real life should have been like how she had planned from the start.

Lu Man was successfully framed by her and ended up going to jail.

Meanwhile, her development in the entertainment industry got better and better, and she ended up marrying He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbais career in directing improved every day, and the Lu Familys company did better and better.

She got married to He Zhengbai and did not even need to plot against the Lu Family for anything.

Everything Lu Qiyuan owned would be hers, and it would all be given to her willingly by Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Qi did not know that these things had indeed happened before.

If she told Lu Man about this, Lu Man might have told her that these were all real in their past lives.

“It shouldnt be like this.

It shouldnt have been like this originally.” Lu Qi sat on the sofa.

Xia Qingyang also chimed in and said, “Qiyuan, I dont know why, I have the same thought as well.

Its as if our lives have been stolen by someone.”

“What the hell are you talking about!” Lu Qiyuan was upset.

He had been annoyed and flustered to begin with and still had to listen to Xia Qingyang talk about all these nonsensical and strange things.

Xia Qingyang minced her lips and went silent for a while before saying, “Dont you think that Lu Mans change is so big that its strange Ever since we let her take the rap for Lu Qi, she became so impressive, as if she turned into a completely different person.”

Xia Qingyang rolled her eyes around before saying, “If it was in the past, how would she have the brains to do that But after that incident, it was as if she became a master.”

Lu Qiyuan listened to her ramble for so long and did not get what Xia Qingyang was trying to say.

He waved her off impatiently and said, “Enough.

What are you nagging about! Lets think of how to resolve Qi Qis matter first.”

Xia Qingyang was not discerning and said further, “Of course I thought about it.

Why dont we go and find Han Zhuoli Didnt you say it before Even if Lu Man did not come home, she is still part of our family and her last name is still Lu.

Doesnt that make Han Zhuoli our son-in-law”

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