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Chapter 1446: Shi Xiaoya Is Here

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This was something he didnt even need to think about.

Lu Dongliu was experienced in this area.

Obviously, he knew what to expect.

“There are going to be such issues in the future for sure, and I dont want to wait until things have happened before asking for your help.

Its hard to be sure that youll be free to help then, so I may as well tell you in advance so you can prepare early.

Its better than scrambling to act when its too late,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Can you take on this job”

Since the Han Corporation invested in the show, this had a direct impact on the Han Corporations profits, so Lu Man did not reject and agreed at once.

Shi Xiaoya was sleeping on her bed.

She had just finished her stint as a makeup artist in a production crew, so she gave herself a few days off, resting at home and not accepting any work currently.

As a makeup artist, she had to travel everywhere in the country.

She went wherever the production crew went.

She also had to follow them to some important award ceremonies as well.

She might be the top makeup artist within the country with everyone clamoring for her services, but…

Her main work scope was still in production crews.

Her upcoming job was in a films production team.

But before that, there was a long break where she could accept some non-time-consuming jobs.

Following the production team around for three months really wore Shi Xiaoya out.

She spent a full three months in the harsh northwest deserts, the wind and sand blowing so harshly against her skin.

Shed had to squeeze out an hour every day to care for her skin no matter how busy she was, even if she could sleep for only three to four hours a day.

Otherwise, her face would have been unbearably ruined after those three months.

Right now, her body was utterly wrecked and she didnt want to do anything else but sleep for three days and three nights straight, everyone else be damned.

But her phone still rang shrilly, disturbing her dreams.

In a sleep-induced haze, after her phone had been ringing for a long time, Shi Xiaoya finally extracted her hands from the blankets and felt blindly for it around her head.

She had no idea where she had left her phone, actually.

After a few failed attempts, she finally grabbed it.

Cracking open an eye, she saw that it was her assistant, Guo Yujie, calling.

“Hello” Shi Xiaoya was still dazed and exhausted, her voice still raspy from sleep.

“Didnt I say to not find me during these three days”

“Youre not really thinking of sleeping for three days and nights, are you Its already the second afternoon!” Guo Yujie sounded energetic over the phone.

“Is it Its been that long” Shi Xiaoya asked tiredly.

Ever since she came back at midnight two days ago, she had forced herself to wash her face and complete her skincare routine before falling face-first into her bed, never waking even for meals.

After hearing Guo Yujie, she felt like she did sleep for nearly a full day and a half.

She rubbed her stomach, still not feeling hungry though.

“Wake up quickly!” Guo Yujie said.

“When youve woken up, Ill tell you serious stuff.”

Hearing Guo Yujies serious tone, Shi Xiaoya said, “Fine.

When Im done freshening up, Ill call you back.”

“Dont I know you Youll go back to sleep after hanging up for sure.

Get up now, I wont hang up, Ill wait for you,” Guo Yujie replied.

“Alright, alright.

Im scared of you.” Shi Xiaoya put her phone aside and switched on her speakers.

“Im up and washing now, you can speak after Im done.”

Guo Yujie was her assistant.

Shi Xiaoya had no manager, so any potential clients would contact Guo Yujie directly.

And then Shi Xiaoya would decide for herself if she would take on the job.

Having been with Shi Xiaoya for a long time, Guo Yujie knew what kind of jobs Shi Xiaoya would accept.

Guo Yujie would tell Shi Xiaoya the main points of some of the important jobs, or of jobs that Shi Xiaoya would definitely take on.


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