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She even had nightmares because of this afterward.

Old Master Shi learned about this fear only then, and he had even been scolded badly by Old Madam.

Old Madams heart ached as she hugged Shi Xiaoya in her arms.

She said she was a foolish child and asked her why she did not say anything when she had been so scared.

Afterward, Old Master Shi moved all the spirits down to the basement.

Shi Xiaoya never saw them again.

She regained her composure and heard Han Zhuoling saying, “For all you know, the clue we find later might be related to dinner.”

Director: “…”

“Young Master Ling, you should stop saying that.

If the audience sees this, they will think that our production team leaked the content to you beforehand,” the director said helplessly.

“Then we would really be wronged for nothing.”

Han Zhuoling could not help but twitch his lips in amusement.

Shi Xiaoya, on the other hand, laughed out loud without any restraint.

“Do you want to rest” Han Zhuoling looked at her.

They had been walking for quite a while.

She was a girl, so her physical strength would inevitably not be able to catch up.

She had also been scared out of her wits on top of that.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“Im cool.”

She did not want to delay the filming process.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He did not say anything more and continued walking ahead.

Shi Xiaoya was someone who could not keep things to herself.

She always could not help but ask out loud if she had any questions in her heart.

Hence, she asked again, “We dont have a specific clue now either.

How can you confirm the location of the next clue”

After asking that, Shi Xiaoya regretted it a little.

Looking at Han Zhuolings cold and handsome side profile, she thought, would he think she was bothersome

Surprisingly, Han Zhuoling turned and stared at her as if he was looking at a fool and sputtered out a laugh.

“Look for the camera.

The spot that has a hidden clue will surely have a camera in place so that its convenient to shoot.”

Cameraman: “…”

Director: “…”

Han Zhuoling was revealing too much.

The production team was no match for him.

If they went on at this rate, what were the other guests even here for

The director secretly reported the situation to Lu Dongliu.

Lu Dongliu was rendered speechless when he heard about the situation on Han Zhuolings side.

The proposal that everyone stayed up for over a week to come up with was supposed to be a sure “Hard” mode for anyone who watched it.

Yet when it came to Han Zhuoling, it suddenly turned into “Easy” mode.

Wheres the fun in that now

What if the audience watched this and thought that the production team had let Han Zhuoling get by through the back door!

Before they were done filming the first episode, Lu Dongliu was already worried.

He decided to give Lu Man a call at night and ask what they should do to handle the situation if the audience really thought so.

On Han Zhuolings end, he found the second clue not long after.

It was a backpack.

In the backpack, there were some simple tools for cooking in the wild and some instant food.

It included a light pot, luncheon meat, instant noodles, and four bottles of mineral water, as well as a lighter.

Han Zhuoling pointed to the things in the bag and said, “Look, the next clue is probably a tent.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Director: “…”

You better stop talking now.

When Han Zhuoling said that, she instantly felt that the proposal the production team had stayed up nights for during the previous week to come up with was an utter joke!

The director had a gloomy look on his face all the way and did not want to interact with Han Zhuoling anymore.

In the past, she had met guests that were shy and did not talk much.

During those times, she would still chat with the guest behind the cameras to make the guest relax.

She would also ask some questions at suitable moments for the guest to answer.

When the show was in the post-editing stage, they would cut out her voice.

In this way, it would seem as if the guest was talking to himself when facing the camera, so the show would not be awkward.

Yet now, the director sincerely hoped for the first time that this guest could shut his mouth and stop talking.

Just let Han Zhuoling keep quiet.

Or else the show would not even be halfway through filming before he could guess the whole flow of it.

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