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Chapter 1507: You Know Her Address

He might not have any experience in this area, but he wasnt a fool.

Not to mention, each explanation would give different results, but he himself couldnt spell out why.

But all in all, it all started with him thinking badly of Shi Xiaoya.

If he really wrote that, Shi Xiaoya would probably ignore him for the rest of his life.

After a long time, Han Zhuoling still hesitated in writing down his thoughts, drowning himself in frustration.

He was always so decisive when making business deals, never uncertain like now.

Not even a second of doubt.

But penning a simple card now made him debate internally for more than ten minutes.

Han Zhuoling schooled his face into indifference, finally writing down three words: I am sorry.

And signed his name, Han Zhuoling.

After putting the card into the envelope, he handed it to Tong Chunian.

“Send it to the florists, and let them deliver it with the flowers.”

“Yes.” Tong Chunian asked, unsure, “But Young Master Ling, you havent told me who this is for…”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

A few moments passed before Han Zhuoling answered, “Shi Xiaoya.”

For some unknown reason, he blushed, despite it being a simple matter of apology.

Tong Chunian suddenly understood, thinking that Han Zhuoling was indeed different when it came to Shi Xiaoya.

He was different during filming, and now that theyre back, hes sending flowers to her.

Tong Chunian did not know how Han Zhuoling had angered her, but giving flowers when apologizing was something a guy did when wooing girls!

Although… it was slightly old-fashioned.

But when it came to their Deputy CEO, anything old-fashioned became fresh.

Since such matters never happened to him, it was something one couldnt even imagine.

“Alright.” Tong Chunian smiled and said, “Is it to be sent to Ms.

Shis office or home”

Han Zhuoling raised his brow.

“You know her address”

Tong Chunian: “…”

Whats with the jealousy lacing his words suddenly

“When we came back to B City yesterday night, didnt you follow Ms.

Shis car to her flat” Tong Chunian hurriedly explained, afraid his boss would misunderstand.

“I was in the car too.”

So, Boss, your mind was so occupied with Shi Xiaoya that you forgot your assistant was beside you, was it

Tong Chunian decided that the next time he met her, he would take a good look at Shi Xiaoya.

To see how she actually did it, how capable she was to actually make Han Zhuoling care about her feelings that much.

To the extent that he was apologizing automatically and even sending flowers without prompt to court her.

He would take a good look.

Just then, Han Zhuoling said, “Send it to her office.”

Just as he was about to enter his own office, he stopped and turned, “Never mind, dont get the florist to send it.

Go buy the flowers and let Xiao Zhang deliver it himself.”

Xiao Zhang was Han Zhuolings chauffeur.

“Yes.” Tong Chunian noted.

Han Zhuoling instructed, “He must hand it to Shi Xiaoya personally.

It must not pass through others hands.”

He was doing such a thing for the first time, and without prior experience, he didnt feel assured no matter what.

He wanted to deliver it himself but felt that it wasnt such a good idea.

What if Shi Xiaoya refused to see him and rejected the flowers because of him

Its better, then, to let someone else deliver it.

But he was afraid that the flowers would not reach Shi Xiaoyas hands, and she would miss his apology.

“Yes,” Tong Chunian replied.

Feeling that Han Zhuoling still hadnt finished his instructions, he did not hurry off to do his biddings.

Indeed, he heard Han Zhuoling say, “Wait there, and report to me Shi Xiaoyas reaction when youre back.”

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