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Chapter 1526: Provocation

It wouldnt do any good if they said it and they would even be chided by other people instead.

“Lu Man, you go up!” Yuan Menghan suddenly said.

“Give them a good show so they dont look down on us!”

Lu Man pursed her lips and did not say anything.

She would never present herself in a moment like this.

If she went up to defend their reputation just because they did not want to be laughed at, it would actually backfire.

Furthermore, it would seem like they anxiously needed the approval of the exchange team.

Who do the exchange team students think they are Do we even need their approval

Another thing was that she had the same thought as Teacher Hong.

There was no need to reveal her skill level in advance.

Lu Man was not so arrogant as to think that her own skills would dominate everyone elses.

She still did not know the skill level of the exchange team.

One thing was for sure: their skills would definitely not be bad.

It remained to be seen what kind of result she would get from competing with the other party.

Since she did not know the skill level of the exchange team, all the more she could not reveal her own to them too early on.

The exchange team was unfamiliar with their side.

They couldnt possibly let themselves become a known factor to the exchange team, right

Perhaps the exchange team really insisted on coming here to observe their class with the intent of judging their standards.

It was precisely because of this that she could not go up to perform at this point in time.

Teacher Hong did not say anything, so Lu Man felt that she probably had the same concerns.

Yet Yuan Menghan could not think things through and insisted on her standing up at this time.

Han Leilei said coldly, “Are you the teacher or the class monitor Who are you ordering around!”

“You!” Yuan Menghan shouted angrily.

“What are you saying! Dont I just want those foreigners who are looking down on us to see our capabilities”

“Then you can go up yourself.

Lu Mans capabilities belong to Lu Man.

What has it got to do with you” Pan Xue said bluntly.

Yuan Menghan was utterly at a loss for words.

Why do these people say such infuriating things!

And their words just had to be so stinging.

If she was that capable, would she need Lu Man

“Lu Mans capabilities might have nothing to do with me, but it definitely has something to do with our class and our school, doesnt it! Those foreigners are looking down on us right now as a whole, andus includes Lu Man! So whats wrong with asking Lu Man to go up and perform Whats the issue with that” Yuan Menghan said coldly.

She still sounded so righteous when she said that, thinking that there was nothing wrong with what she had said.

Lu Man merely said, “If you want us to prove ourselves, we can wait until the friendly exchange competition to do it properly.

Why should we do it right now”

Dean He and Teacher Hong both heaved a sigh of relief.

Theyd really been afraid that Lu Man would not be able to take the provocation and really go up to perform.

If Lu Man had insisted, they could not have said anything either.

To tell the truth, in the whole school, no one would really dare to boss Lu Man around or tell her what to do.

She was like an almighty god sitting right here!

Luckily, Lu Man had thought things through properly.

She was very clear deep down in her heart what she ought to do!

Yet Yuan Menghan still thought she was being smart.

Lu Man had already said as much.

If Yuan Menghan still did not get it, the only option left would be to make Yuan Menghan leave.

Yuan Menghan indeed did not get it and was about to say something again.

Luckily, Zhang Xiaoying, who was beside her, understood it and tugged Yuan Menghans sleeve.

“We completely do not know about the caliber of the exchange team, but they also do not know about ours.

If we let Lu Man go up and reveal her capability to the exchange team in advance, wont they know what were capable of inside out” Zhang Xiaoying said in a low voice.

Yuan Menghan finally got it, and her face burned red as she scoffed at Lu Man from a distance.

Although she did not say anything more, she still could not get over her pride and remained unhappy.

“I didnt expect this bunch of people to be so timid.

Not a single capable person could come out and prove themselves,” Howard said in a displeased manner.

He then raised his voice and said, “I heard Lu Man is in this class.

Why dont you let Lu Man come out and try so that we can learn as well”

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