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Chapter 1578: As If He Did Not See

His words really sounded as if he was treating her as his wife.

Shi Xiaoya realized that when she was talking to Han Zhuoling, her imagination would really become more and more off.

She had a tendency to link things to other things.

Closely after that, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “How about you let me know when you end work tomorrow Ill go fetch you and we can go to the supermarket to shop together.

You can see what youd like to eat and buy some of it as well.

I will be troubling you to cook already, I cant possibly just buy what Id like to eat.”

“Ill have to trouble you to come to my workplace.

That would really be too much of a trouble,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Its fine.

Anyway, Im only going back to do extra work tomorrow and settle some work matters, so I wont end work as late as I do usually,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Then thats settled.

I wont disturb your rest.

Good night.”

“Good night,” Shi Xiaoya said in a daze.

She watched him come and go just like that.

He called just when he said he would and ended it right after saying he would too.

What a good rhythm he had.

Even after shed put down her phone, Shi Xiaoya had not regained her senses.

After yet a long while, Shi Xiaoya finally recalled something.

That was not right!

Since he was already going to her workplace to look for her, she could just bring the tie to her workplace and return it to him and that would be the end, right

Why did he still have to come to her house to eat

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and felt that Han Zhuolings logic was a bit off, so she sent him a text through WeChat.

“Young Master Ling, since you are going to my workplace tomorrow, why dont I just bring the tie over there”

Han Zhuoling received the text immediately.

When he saw those words, he narrowed his eyes and deleted the message.

As if he did not see it.

He then used his phone to search for Pikachu.

Just from listening to Shi Xiaoya say it, Han Zhuoling did not know how to write the characters for “Pikachu.”

But for such a famous cartoon character like Pikachu, the searches would be recorded in the online search engine cloud, so it came out on the top of the suggested list.

Han Zhuoling chose the first suggestion and browsed through the Internet for it.

Indeed, that big yellow rat in Shi Xiaoyas arms appeared.

There were also many videos of Pikachu online.

Han Zhuoling randomly chose one to watch and saw a small yellow rat that was pretty cute, saying “Pika Pika” non-stop.

“Doesnt sound as nice as when Shi Xiaoyas saying it.” Han Zhuoling came to that conclusion and suddenly realized how ambiguous his words could be, which could very easily lead others to think of it from a romantic point of view.

Thankfully, there was no one else around right now.

Han Zhuoling satisfied his curiosity and went to sleep feeling very contented.

While Shi Xiaoya waited here and there but still did not receive a reply from Han Zhuoling.

She did not know whether or not hed gone to sleep already and did not see her message.

But he slept a little too quickly, didnt he

Feeling helpless, Shi Xiaoya could only go to sleep for now.

The next morning, the first thing Shi Xiaoya did when she woke up was to check WeChat.

Yet Han Zhuoling still did not reply.

Shi Xiaoya closed it in despondence and decided not to look at it again.


Although today was a Saturday, Lu Man also came to school.

Aside from the exchange students heading to New York, the National Film Academy had picked 10 outstanding students, including Lu Man, to form the competition team that will compete against the exchange team from New York.

Today was the day when all 10 students would come to school to have a meeting.

The three students chosen from her class, including herself, were Lu Man, Zheng Yuan, and Yu Jingxian.

Aside from them, Wang Nianru, Fu Kaiqi, Xu Ziyi, originally Year 1s and were now Year 2s; Li Zeyu, Dong Jingxi, Fu Xuebin, He Changze, originally Year 3s and now Year 4s, were also selected to form this 10-member team.

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