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Chapter 1602: Ill Put Everything Here at Your Place

Looking at him decked in suit and leather, Shi Xiaoya felt that his image looked really out of place compared to the grocery bags of smoky ingredients.

Furthermore, he carried five bags all by himself.

Whether it was really taking him a lot of effort or not, just by looking at them, they seemed hard to carry.

Looking at his all-serious face that still had the same sternness to it and him carrying so many bags of groceries, Shi Xiaoya could not help but feel like laughing.

She also felt that that would not be nice, so she struggled hard to keep it in.

“Let me help you hold a few.” Shi Xiaoya stretched out her hand towards Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling almost felt like holding Shi Xiaoyas hand directly, but it was a pity that his hands were still holding the bags, so it was not convenient.

“No need,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Lets go.”

“You can just give me two and it would be fine as well,” Shi Xiaoya insisted.

“Or else I wont feel good seeing you carry all that alone with my hands empty.”

Han Zhuoling thought about it and passed the bag with the slippers to her.

“Then you can help me hold this.”

Shi Xiaoya did not think much and just took it from him obediently.

She took the lift to enter her house together with Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling placed the bags of groceries he was carrying at the side of the wall first and stretched out his hands towards Shi Xiaoya.

He thought that Shi Xiaoya probably did not prepare slippers for him.

Anyway, he would not wear what Qin Zigou wore.

Shi Xiaoya had indeed not thought of it, because she did not think of it before and did not manage to buy it for him in time.

Now, Han Zhuoling was already standing at the entrance to the house.

Shi Xiaoya finally recalled that she did not have slippers that Han Zhuoling could wear at her house.

Yesterday, Han Zhuoling had refused to wear the slippers Qin Zigou wore before.

She guessed that Han Zhuoling was probably a clean freak.

She could not possibly let him walk on the floor with just his socks.

Sweat was starting to form on her forehead when she saw Han Zhuolings move.

Shi Xiaoya did not understand.

She glanced at the bag in her hand and only thought of that, so she just passed it over to Han Zhuoling first.

Only then did she realize that something was amiss.

Since Han Zhuoling had bought them to bring them home, then he could have just left them in his car.

Why did he take them out and let her bring them up

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and felt that Han Zhuoling probably forgot.

Didnt she not realize it herself

When Han Zhuoling stretched out his hand now, Shi Xiaoya did not think that he wanted to hold hands with her or anything like that.

She just passed the bag over to Han Zhuolings hand.

Han Zhuoling took out both pairs of slippers.

The slippers were held together with a plastic buckle, so Han Zhuoling asked her, “Do you have scissors”

“Yeah.” Shi Xiaoya was totally led by the nose by Han Zhuoling.

When she was in front of Han Zhuoling, her mind did not work properly.

She immediately changed into her own slippers and ran off, making her footsteps echo in the room.

After a moment, she brought the scissors over.

Han Zhuoling pulled the plastic buckle taut and let Shi Xiaoya cut it off one by one.

Afterward, Shi Xiaoya watched as Han Zhuoling placed the summertime slippers into the shoe cabinet before putting on the wintertime slippers right in front of her.

“Young Master Ling…” Shi Xiaoya was dumbstruck.

What kind of scheme was this

“Ill keep these two pairs of slippers here at your place from now on,” Han Zhuoling explained as he arranged his leather shoes neatly.

When he placed them beside the shoes Shi Xiaoya had just changed out of, they actually looked quite harmonious.

It happened to be right beside Shi Xiaoyas, making Shi Xiaoyas shoes look really small and his own shoes really big.

However, it was surprisingly matching.

Han Zhuoling glanced at them before picking up the groceries hed placed by the wall and putting them into the kitchen.

Unlike them simply cooking a bowl of noodles the day before, tonights dinner needed to be more formally prepared, so it would not be convenient to cook in the clothes she wore to go out.

Shi Xiaoya then said, “Young Master Ling, wait for me, Ill be back in a while.”

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