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Chapter 1630: Well Settle It When You Come Back

Shi Xiaoya remained calm after hearing it.

She trusted the results of Han Zhuolings investigation, but she didnt know what went on in Yuan Yinas mind.

“I dont know about us competing.

Weve had nothing to compete over recently.

The only one related would be Survivor, but theres nothing to fight over there too.

Its not like I replaced her.”

“Thats what you think, but not her.” Han Zhuoling tapped lightly on the steering wheel.

“You both joined Survivors production team at the same time, yet shes ousted in that manner.

Shes embarrassed.

Theres actually a total of six makeup artists, and shes the only one made to leave.

So even if she wanted to begrudge someone, she couldnt place the blame on you solely.

But because you both were at loggerheads before, shes always treated you as the enemy.

Shes blinded to everyone else and only knew that she lost to you, got hugely embarrassed in front of you, and felt she made a fool of herself in front of you.

Perhaps she thinks youre mocking her behind her back, and shes nursing a grudge.

Such scenarios are all plausible when it comes to such a narrow-minded person.”

Han Zhuoling paused and sighed.

“Now that I mentioned it, thats my fault again.

I kicked her out of the production team and asked you to do my makeup back then.

It might be this that caused her to hate on you even more.”

“This isnt your fault,” Shi Xiaoya muttered.

“Shes the one harboring those despicable thoughts, trying to…”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt bring herself to utter the word “seduce” and swallowed it back.

Han Zhuoling laughed, not asking what it was she meant to say.

Shi Xiaoya did what she needed to do, and it didnt clash with what he did.

Lu Man was busy preparing for the competition, and he didnt wish to disturb her at this time.

Though she would definitely help him if he asked her to.

But Han Zhuoling felt it was better to let Lu Man concentrate on her preparations, considering instead to approach Wei Zilin back at the company after hed sent Shi Xiaoya off.

As he was a “god-like” public relations handler on par with Lu Man, itd be a waste to not employ Wei Zilins help.

Han Zhuoling parked at the parking lot after arriving at the airport.

Just as he turned off the engine, Shi Xiaoya facepalmed.

“Oof, I forgot to bring your ties when you called me just now!”

Shi Xiaoya was dismayed.

It was fine if she was already outside before that.

But she picked up Han Zhuolings call at home and couldve brought the ties along after that.

Even if she met him after she left, she couldve gone up again to retrieve them.

And she completely forgot about it.

Han Zhuolings lips quirked at seeing her frustrated expression, feeling especially good.

“Its alright, well settle it when you get back.”

Shi Xiaoya could only agree.

She unbuckled her seat belt and smiled at Han Zhuoling.

“Thanks for sending me!”

The airport was so faraway.

He was wasting so much time travelling back and forth.

Han Zhuoling smiled without saying a thing, got out of his car, and retrieved Shi Xiaoyas luggage from the trunk.

He then locked his car and walked towards the airport.

Shi Xiaoya chased after him in surprise.

“Young Master Ling, I—”

She wanted to say that she could pull her own luggage.

Han Zhuoling gave her a glance.

“Ill send you there.”

Shi Xiaoyas cheeks flushed, trotting dutifully beside Han Zhuoling before suggesting that she pull her own luggage.

Even if just the small one.

But Han Zhuoling refused.

Because Man City was cold and Shi Xiaoya had not been there before, Shi Xiaoya had quite a number of bags, which was also to accommodate the extra items Shi Nancang had bought for her.

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