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Chapter 1655: The Person You Were Picking on Wasnt Me

Taking it out on someone else was certainly intriguing.

Yet, if he succeeded, things would be fine.

In the end, this Shi Xiaoya did not even want to bother with him.

He ended up not being able to embarrass Lu Man, much less being able to make things difficult for Shi Xiaoya.

Instead, he got himself on the Han Corporations watchlist.

The Han Corporation did not look for other people and did not contact their connections, so they did not need to owe favors and could already give Howard a hard time just with their own capabilities.

Bourbotte had quite a high status, but compared to a huge company like this, how would his influence count

But what Shana could not understand until now was why Han Zhuoling was so persistent in making things hard for Howard.

Was he simply standing up for Lu Man, or did he do it for Shi Xiaoya

After all, Shi Xiaoya was the person whos most directly involved in this matter.

Shana glanced at Shi Xiaoya, and then at Han Zhuoling, but she could not tell anything just from looking at the two.

She kept her thoughts at the back of her head.

The most important thing now was to stabilize Howards emotions and prevent him from affecting his delivery during the competition.

She wondered if the other party did it on purpose, purposely messing with Howards emotions at this moment.


Han, Howard is at fault in this matter.

But hes still young and not mature enough.

You also see how hes like now, hes also scared.

He knows hes wrong,” Shana said in an appeasing tone.

No matter how prideful Howard was, he would not dare to express it now.

No matter what Shana said, he did not rebut.

Howard was so nervous right now that his mind was in a mess.

His mind no longer cared about the competition and was solely focused on worrying about his future.

He hated that he could not buy the flight tickets immediately to fly back and find Bourbotte to ask him what exactly he should do.

His heart was no longer here.

“Please dont take it against him, alright” Shana nudged Howard.

“Arent you going to apologize to Lu Man”

If not for the fact that Howards acting was one of the best in this team and that if something really happened to him, the ability of the team would really suffer a huge setback, Shana would not even care about this.

But her saying this now was also to confirm whether Han Zhuoling was really doing this to stand up for Shi Xiaoya or not.

Howard minced his lips.

He still could not take it lying down.

His original intent for coming here was really to embarrass Lu Man.

Yet not only did he fail to do that, he even had to apologize to Lu Man now.

But to protect his own future, he still bore with it and struggled to speak as he said, “Lu—”

“No need,” Lu Man said coldly.

“You dont need to apologize to me.

Im not even the person you were picking on just now, right”

Lu Man glanced at Shana with a condescending smile before saying to Howard, “Even if you want to apologize, you should apologize to the person you were really rude to.

What are you apologizing to me for”

Shanas reminder clearly neglected Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Mans glance seemed to have seen through Shana completely, which stirred a sudden sense of guilty conscience in Shanas heart, one which she struggled to suppress.

However, because of Lu Mans attitude, Shana failed to achieve her original motive.

She could not read Han Zhuolings attitude on this.

However, after Lu Man said that, Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli did not speak, so it was clear that they agreed with her.

Howard suddenly got a rude awakening.

They want him to apologize to Shi Xiaoya


He was already very unwilling to bend down to Lu Man, but at least he could comfort himself that he was bending down not to Lu Man, but to Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling, who were backing Lu Man up behind her.

But now, they wanted him to apologize to a mere makeup artist like Shi Xiaoya

And he had been so high and mighty just now.

In his eyes, he and Shi Xiaoya were simply in different leagues.

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