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Chapter 1668: You Can Also Call Me Mom

There were small bread, sandwiches, cream puffs, ladyfinger biscuits, and others.

There were not many of each, but there was a lot of variety.

They could eat a bit first and have a proper meal after the competition had ended.

Or else, they would not need to eat dinner anymore after stuffing themselves with these.

Old Mrs.

Han took a ladyfinger with her left hand while keeping her hold on Shi Xiaoyas hand with her right hand without letting go.

Shi Xiaoyas palms were sweating from being held by Old Mrs.


However, this time, Shi Xiaoya did not even dare to look at Han Zhuoling.

Previously, when she merely glanced at him, it seemed like it made Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye misunderstand.

Han Zhuoling rubbed the space between his eyebrows resignedly.

“When the competition ends in a while, you can come and eat together with us.”

They were going as a family to eat.

How inconvenient would it be if she went as an outsider with them

“Thank you for the offer, but I wont go and impose upon you all,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“How is this imposing upon us” Lin Liye quickly added, “You are Zhuolings friend, so youre not an outsider to us.

You can even call meMom.\'”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

Shen Nuo: “…”

Elder sister-in-laws schemes are really 666[1]**!

Shi Xiaoya could not take it any longer, so in the end, she still turned to Han Zhuoling with question marks all over her face.

On her face was clearly written, “Do all your friends call your motherMom”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Han Zhuoling turned to look at Lin Liye helplessly, thinking to himself that she should restrain herself a little and not scare Shi Xiaoya away.

Lin Liye chuckled and said, “Dont be nervous.

Our kids dont really have a lot of friends, so those that could actually be friends with them—the feat is really not easy, so their ties must be quite good.

But all their friends, we dont treat them as outsiders at all.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

So that was what she meant.

“Our Zhuoling doesnt look very amiable, but hes actually a very good person,” Old Mrs.

Han praised.

Han Zhuoling adjusted his tie uncomfortably.

If this went on, even he would not feel comfortable standing there anymore.

This was the first time that the First Young Master Han was standing there as if he was standing on a nail.

His gaze was shifty and he looked very unsettled.

“Its precisely because he looks so cold and icy that no one dares to get close to him.

Its rare that he could find a friend.

Usually, he would just be with his brothers, but theres also Xiao Chu and the rest whom hes on good terms with.

Thats because they understand him and are not afraid of him.

But those who are not familiar with him would just think that he is hard to get along with just from looking at him.

In fact, though, hes really nice.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded sincerely and was unknowingly lured into Old Mrs.

Hans trap.

Lin Liye watched how Shi Xiaoya nodded while unconsciously looking so dazed and cute, and she began to like her more and more.

She quietly gave a thumbs up to Old Mrs.


This little girl was innocent and did not have other intentions—thats why she was so easily abducted!

Lin Liye glanced gleefully at Han Zhuoling.

Hed finally developed good taste.

“So, dont even talk about him having few male friends.

There are only so many in total.

As for female friends, aside from you, we havent seen him being on good terms with any other females.” Old Mrs.

Hans artful use of language was extremely well-invoked.

Within a few words, she let Shi Xiaoya know that aside from her, Han Zhuoling had never had much of a relation with other women.

Shi Xiaoya did not really think too deeply about Old Mrs.

Hans previous words though, but when she heard Old Mrs.

Han say that, her heart still swelled with happiness secretly.

Yes, she knew he was not the kind to be on good terms with just anyone, especially when it came to girls, and he seemed like someone who would not take notice of girls at all.

[1] Chinese internet slang for “amazing”

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