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Chapter 1670: You Think Han Zhuoli Will Do This

“How would the media report about it They would not only say that our school could not make it.

You and Shana, especially—since you are the most popular and well-known on our team, they would scold both of you as well.”

“If your acting cant even surpass that of these students, how can you make it in Hollywood” Luzern pointed to the audience behind and said, “These people here, they are all small fries and have no recognition at all.

The best actors and actresses in the entertainment industry here already find it very difficult when they go to Hollywood to develop their careers.

These students are probably ten Oscars away from the best actors and actresses here.

Yet if you guys lose to these small fries, how do you think the media will view you all”

“That your acting is worse than theirs Which production will hire you guys then” Luzern scoffed mockingly.

“Hah, thered be no need for Han Zhuoling to say a few words to hinder your career, youll have already dug your own grave.

You still think that it doesnt matter whether our team wins or not in this competition”

Howards face changed.

He finally understood the severity of the matter.

But would this calm his mentality

That was impossible.

Even if Luzern said that, Howard still could not get over thinking about his own future.

As for the outcome of the competition, Howard felt that even if his performance was mediocre, he would still be better than those students.

Even if he did not perform well, his teammates could also instantly knock out the other teams.

Luzern was just making things sound serious.

He was thinking too highly of those people.

When Luzern saw Howards reaction, how could he not tell what Howard was thinking

Just based on how arrogant Howard was, how much he looked down on others, if not for Bourbottes presence, he would not have been able to survive in Hollywood all this time.

But it was probably because of Bourbotte that Howard came to think so highly of himself, and this aggravated his obnoxiousness.

Seeing that what hed said did not get through, Luzern lowered his voice and said, “If you still cant get that in your head, then go and find Lu Man now.

If you do not, Han Zhuoling wont be the only one finding trouble with you.”

“You only offended Shi Xiaoya previously, and Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuolings relationship is still uncertain.

They could be on very good terms, or it could be that even though they were not on such good terms yet, Han Zhuoling is already out to ruin your future,” Luzern warned.

“Meanwhile, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli are a married couple.

If Han Zhuoling could directly hinder your future because of Shi Xiaoya, given Han Zhuoli and Luz Mans relationship, if you go and offend her now, what do you think Han Zhuoli will do”

Howards aggrieved eyes were turning bloodshot with blood veins creeping into view.

He wanted to find trouble with Lu Man at first, yet in the end, hed made himself so aggrieved that he wanted to die.

“Think carefully!” Luzern said in a low voice.

“Now, quickly adjust your mentality.

Perform well when you go up on stage later! If you drag down the whole performance and implicate the acting careers of the other students, when we go back, I will definitely write a report to the school! Ill see how the school punishes you.”

The thing that made Luzern most vexed and annoyed was that, in the whole team, Shana and Howards acting skills were really the best, which meant that Howard was naturally assigned to be the male lead.

His role was so huge.

The moment his performance slipped, it would be a disaster for the whole team.

As time passed, the friendly competition finally started officially.

The audience seating was already filled with fans who came to watch.

They were all raising their phones excitedly, zooming in to take photos of their idols.

In the country, Lu Mans fans were still the most numerous.

Although Shana was very famous, everyone at most felt that she was a huge star, but they were not really loyal fans of hers.

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