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Chapter 1704: Tips of Her Ears Twitched

Shi Xiaoya subconsciously looked over.

Han Zhuoli and Wang Juhuai were indeed taking food for Lu Man and Xia Qingwei.

Both of them did not need to say what they liked to eat; the men knew it very well.

When they saw something which they felt was not bad, they would also take some for Lu Man and Xia Qingwei to try.

“But—” Shi Xiaoya immediately felt that something was wrong.

Both of them were a couple.

How could she trouble Han Zhuoling to do that

But before she could finish speaking, Han Zhuoling had already picked a piece of matsutake tofu and placed it on her small plate.

He noticed that she did not eat a lot of meat, but he remembered that meat was Shi Xiaoyas favorite, so he picked a piece of baked lobster and steak for her.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoyas soup bowl was empty, he spun the table around to get the matsutake soup in front of them and helped her fill her bowl with soup.

Han Zhuoling seemed really familiar and skilled at doing this, and he was so focused on taking food for Shi Xiaoya that he did not notice the astonished gazes of the others.

Unknowingly, the room had quietened down.

Leaving Han Zhuoling taking food for Shi Xiaoya and asking in a low voice, “What else do you want to eat Tell me.

You dont have to be shy.

I can help you spin the table.”

He lowered his volume for Shi Xiaoya to hear, and he even lowered his head to lean in closer to her.

The moment he leaned close, she could smell the cologne on his body.

It smelled really nice.

It was a very alluring smell that matched his elegance really well.

As she breathed in, Shi Xiaoya could not help but feel a little lightheaded.

Her heart started beating faster, and her face heated up, spreading to her ears.

His low, smooth voice also flowed into her ears.

His voice seemed to have a physical effect, tickling her ears and making them tingle with an itch.

Furthermore, when he spoke, his breath that was caressing her ears felt so hot, as if it brought an electric feeling together with it.

The tips of her ears reddened and could not help but twitch at the same time.

Shi Xiaoya felt so embarrassed, so she kept her head low and did not dare to look at anyone.

Right after Han Zhuoling finished speaking, he lowered his eyes and noticed her reddened ears.

The sight of them twitching was so cute, and his breath could not help getting slightly hotter.

His gaze darkened as well.

He saw Shi Xiaoya shake her head but not daring to look at him as she said with her head lowered, “Enough, its a lot already.”

The others could not help but quieten down and watch the interaction between the two.

Was this still the Han Zhuoling they knew

Pampering and soothing someone until they felt embarrassed to watch them.

And he even knew how to take food for her and care for her so meticulously.

So, it was not that he did not know how to love.

It was just that he had not met the right person all along.

Lin Liye got so emotional that her eyes turned red, and she tried her best to control her emotions.

Seeing that Han Zhuoling could finally love a girl wholeheartedly, and that that girl was also a good girl, she felt overjoyed.

Finally, Han Zhuoling did not need to be alone and lonely anymore.

After that previous failed marriage, Lin Liye had always felt that she owed Han Zhuoling too much.

Things were good now, and she could finally put her heart at ease.

Shen Nuo quietly patted Lin Liyes shoulder and held her hand to comfort her.

Lin Liye smiled and very quickly regained her composure.

She concealed her emotions so that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya could not tell.

Seeing Han Zhuoling being so caring towards Shi Xiaoya, she never expected that there could be such a side to him.

She instantly felt very heartened.

Shi Xiaoya felt so nervous that she could not even be bothered to notice anything unusual in the room.

She could only focus on eating and lowered her head to try her best to eat.

On this side, Han Zhuoling seemed to be addicted to feeding her.

As long as he saw that Shi Xiaoyas plate was going to be empty soon, he would start picking food for her again.

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