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Chapter 1713: Am I Someone Whos So Unaware

“Oh.” Shi Nancang believed it since Shi Xiaoya put it that way.

“Oh, right, did I tell you before When I went to your house last time, I saw Han Zhuoling at the lift downstairs,” Shi Nancang said.

At the mention of Han Zhuoling, Shi Nancang suddenly remembered that Shi Xiaoya had been walking together with Han Zhuoling just now.

And why did the two of them walking together make them look so compatible

It was mainly because his younger sister was pretty and had good elegance, so she did not pale in comparison even when walking beside Han Zhuoling.

Shi Nancang thought about that happily.

He then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “I dont think so Or maybe you did, but I dont remember anymore.


“Anyway, that time when we met, he even praised you in front of me and said that hed never had the chance to meet you.

I didnt think that this time round, you guys would have met already,” Shi Nancang said.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Haha, Han Zhuoling was pretty good at lying through his teeth too.

“Oh, right.” Shi Nancang finally recalled what felt off just now.

“You and Lu Man are friends, but why are you walking together with Han Zhuoling”

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes at him.

“Am I someone whos so unaware Lu Man and Han Zhuoli are husband and wife, so they walk together and are all lovey dovey with each other.

What was I supposed to do if I walked beside them You think my singlehood is not apparent enough”

Shi Nancang thought so too and cast the question aside, not mentioning it again.

After sending Shi Xiaoya to her house and seeing her go upstairs, and after seeing the lights in her house come on, Shi Nancang finally left.

When Shi Xiaoya got home, she changed out of her clothes and removed her makeup.

She went to bathe, and after all of this was done, an hour or so had passed.

After drying her hair, she then went back to her bedroom.

Sitting before the dressing table, she patted some hydrating toner on her face so that her face would not feel so dry before she took some time to take out her phone and check if anyone had contacted her.

Yet when she took a look, she saw that Han Zhuoling had sent her a WeChat message.

She glanced at the time and realized that it had been more than an hour ago that it arrived.

That meant that when she was still in the car, Han Zhuoling had already sent her the message.

“Let me know when youve reached home.”

At first in the car, with Shi Nancang around, she did not check her phone at all.

When she came back, she quickly washed up and did not have time to look at her phone either.

That was why she only discovered it so late.

Shi Xiaoya smacked her head in annoyance and felt that it was really a crime for her not to reply to Han Zhuolings WeChat message for so long.

She thought of how hed sent her that message with proper intentions yet she did not reply to him until this late.

She wondered if he had been waiting for her reply all along.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to delay it and quickly replied, “Young Master Ling, Im home.

My apologies, I didnt see your message when I was in the car, and afterward, I didnt check my phone either.

I went to wash up first, thats why I replied so late.”

After Shi Xiaoya replied, she continued with her nighttime skincare routine and would peek at her phone every few seconds to check for his reply.

It had been so long.

She did not know if Han Zhuoling had fallen asleep while waiting for her reply.

After Shi Xiaoya was done with her whole routine and snuck under her covers, she still had not received Han Zhuolings reply.

She would check her phone almost every minute.

Even back when shed first got into her career and would be waiting for the production crew to reply to her, she did not even care about it to this extent.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, Han Zhuoling must have really slept already.

It was her fault to begin with, for not being able to see his message earlier.

Shi Xiaoya closed her eyes feeling downcast, but because she was thinking about this on her mind, she could not fall asleep no matter what.

Suddenly, she felt her phone buzz, and the vibration on the bedsheets was accompanied by a buzzing sound.

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