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Chapter 1768: Look at You Beating Around the Bush

After saying that, he took over the room card in Shi Xiaoyas hand, opened the door for the dazed her, and pushed her into the room.

“Go on in.”

Shi Xiaoya had been pushed into the room in a daze.

When the door closed, her soul was still out of her mind wandering elsewhere.

“Xiaoya, Xiaoya!” Guo Yujie called her for so long but she did not react at all.

She could only shake her until she finally shook Shi Xiaoya back to her senses.

“Whats wrong with you Did Young Master Ling scold you outside just now” Guo Yujie thought it was strange.

Looking at Shi Xiaoya, that did not seem to be the case either.

Anyway, could Han Zhuoling bear to scold Shi Xiaoya

Shi Xiaoya did not say a word.

She only shook her head.

She was still so nervous that she could not speak.

“Why is your face so red” Guo Yujie stared at Shi Xiaoya curiously.

Shi Xiaoya covered her face.


She quickly climbed into bed and pulled the covers high up and said, “Quick, go to sleep.”

“Oh.” Guo Yujie also got into bed and flipped over to lie on her side to face Shi Xiaoya.

They were an isle apart, and she suddenly asked, “Dont tell me Young Master Ling kissed you just now”

“No!” Shi Xiaoya denied vehemently.

“He didnt! Stop making wild guesses.

Just… he just caught me in the act, and I felt embarrassed.”

“Alright, enough.” Shi Xiaoya yawned and said, “Im so sleepy, goodnight.

We still have to ask around to see what exactly happened to Jiang Yuhan.”


“I dont want Jiang Yuhan to continue participating in the recording tomorrow.”

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui entered Han Zhuolings room.

They told Han Zhuoling that they had already sent Jiang Yuhan back, and that she would not come and disturb him again.

Han Zhuoling then said that one line coldly.

“This…” Lu Dongliu braced himself and said, “Young Master Ling, its not that I want to protect Jiang Yuhan.

If you even just told me a day earlier, I would definitely have told her to leave without asking a word.

And no matter what solution I think of, I will definitely find someone to replace her.

But we have to film the very next morning.

In this dead of the night, who would have the time to come over to film for us”

“Even if we found someone, they wont be able to make it here overnight,” Lu Dongliu said with a troubled tone.

“Unless… Unless we delay this episode, and shoot next week…”

Han Zhuoling rubbed the edge of the first joint of his right middle finger with his thumb, where a faint thin callus formed from holding the pen frequently.

“I must make her go.

That woman disgusts me to the point that I dont want to see her again.”

“Your show is popular now, and if it makes her popular too, I will be very unhappy.

If you send her away now, she can stop dreaming of appearing in the entertainment industry ever again.

Since thats the case, dont let her have a chance to be popular before she gets kicked out of the industry,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

Seeing that Han Zhuoling had decided on it, Lu Dongliu had no choice either.


If we really cannot find a guest to replace her, then we will go back and discuss how we can change this episode to a five-person episode, then adjust the plan for tomorrow again.”

“Theres no need for that.” Han Zhuoling rubbed the callus on his middle finger joint and said plainly, “Theres someone in the production crew whos here already and can replace her.”

“Huh” Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui had no reaction yet.

Chi Xingrui asked, “Who is it”

Lu Dongliu thought repeatedly in his mind, but he could not think of who in the production crew would be suitable.

Han Zhuoling said, “Shi Xiaoya.”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Chi Xingrui: “…”

If you wanted to arrange for your girlfriend to be in the production crew, you could have just said it.

Look at you beating around the bush.

But… they really did not think of Shi Xiaoya.

Now that Han Zhuoling mentioned it, Lu Dongliu felt that it was feasible.

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