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Chapter 1812: Why Are You So Cute

Shi Xiaoya got a shock at first, then she immediately recalled that the man on her bed was Han Zhuoling.

And she recalled everything that happened last night as well.

Even her lips started to sting a little.

She blinked and lifted her head up slightly, seeing Han Zhuolings sleeping face.

He was sleeping soundly, and so peacefully.

The him at this moment did not look anything like the strict, aloof, and arrogant person that he usually did.

He looked ever so gentle.

The little stubble around his chin and around the corners of his mouth grew a little longer than it had been last night.

Having it on his face only added a bit more of a manly charm to him.

Shi Xiaoya still felt that she was lacking a sense of reality.

Han Zhuoling to her meant way more than a male idol.

His existence was one that she did not even dare to dream about.

But now, she had actually been hugged tightly by him like this as they slept for one whole night.

Now, he became her boyfriend.

The kind that was especially proper and formal.

His arms and legs were tightly wrapped around her.

Shi Xiaoya finally understood why she dreamt of being wrapped by thick and strong tree roots.

He simply hugged her like that in his sleep for the whole night, and his posture actually never changed at all.

Was he not tired

Shi Xiaoya shifted her gaze from his face to his chest, and when she looked back at his face, she found herself staring right into his eyes.

Han Zhuoling actually awoke just now at some unknown point in time!

But he did not make a sound and just stared at her with a smile on his face.

His gaze, which had always seemed so stern and cold, became gentle crescents at this moment, smiley and filled with indulgence.

Shi Xiaoya felt her whole body turn weak from his gaze.

How could this man be so alluring even with just his gaze

“Why are you awake” Han Zhuoling suddenly turned, pressing her beneath him.

Shi Xiaoya got so nervous that she held her breath, but she saw him stretch his hand, taking over the phone that was left at the head of the bed and checking the time.

“Its only a little over 4 AM.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”


If he was going to check the time, he should just check the time.

Doing this action was so misleading!

She even thought… thought that he wanted to do something!

Han Zhuoling gave a light chuckle that emanated from his throat as he buried his head in the crook of her neck.

The lingering breath from his chuckle tickled her, and she could only clutch his shoulders as she shuddered.

“Annoying!” Shi Xiaoya muttered in embarrassment.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow.

He held back his laughter as he looked up and asked her, “Why am I annoying”

Could Shi Xiaoya say that his actions made her misunderstand

And made her feel so nervous.

How embarrassing.

Shi Xiaoya said, “I had a dream just now that I had been wrapped tightly by tree roots and could not move at all, thats why I woke up.

After I woke up, I realized that its your long arms and long legs that were wrapped around me.”

Han Zhuoling could not hold it in and buried his face in the crook of her neck again, chuckling uncontrollably.

Shi Xiaoya found it very strange.

How was that funny

“Xiaoya,” Han Zhuoling called.

Hearing him call her like that gave her an indescribable feeling of intimacy, making Shi Xiaoyas whole body flush red.

She then heard Han Zhuoling say in a low voice, “Why are you so cute”

Shi Xiaoyas face instantly bloomed red.

This man, he was really flirting with her all the time.

Han Zhuolings morning reaction was a little bit stronger than usual.

He knew, it was all because Shi Xiaoya was in his arms.

He could not endure it.

Slipping his palm to the back of her waist, he pressed down hard against her body.

Shi Xiaoya also felt it.

She gasped, then just held her breath like that.

She felt so nervous that she did not know what to do.

Han Zhuoling took in a deep breath of the fragrant scent on her skin, and he could not resist the urge to plant a kiss on the crook of her neck.

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