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Chapter 1816: Even Got Taken for a Bad Person

“Did they really have to choose from our industry Arent there also cameramen, directors, and so many other people” Liu Enxiao said.

Duan Pingxian laughed and said, “But how popular are they The production team needs to follow the rules set by the higher-ups in the department.

They have to publicize the experts in various fields and industries, have to make sure its entertaining and interesting, and also have to make sure that the audience would like to watch it.

If the person does not have a lot of fans, and not many people know about her, what would the audience watch them for Every one of us is just a common person, why should I watch you on TV”

“Of course they want to watch someone with many fans, someone whom they cant usually interact with, so that they will be curious as to how they are like usually.

They would want to see how interesting it would be for these people to play with each other.

As for the things you mentioned, if their popularity is not high enough, the audience would not be interested in them, and it would only generate the reverse effect, making them lose interest in watching this show.

The production team is going for the viewership ratings.

They have to choose the industry experts, and they also have to choose someone who is famous enough for everyone to be interested in.”

“To fulfill all these conditions would not be so easy.

After searching here and there, of course Shi Xiaoya is the only one who is suitable,” Duan Pingxian said.

Hong Qiaoxian nodded at the side.

“So thats why.”

Liu Enxiao pursed her lips.

She put down her fork, took a sip of coffee, and said, “I know all these, and I can understand too.

Also, I didnt think I could participate in any show since I am not popular.

The one thing I am disgusted with is that, since the production team had already internally agreed on casting Shi Xiaoya, why did they have to put on an act and let us draw lots to play around with us”

“They gave us hope, making us think that we can really appear on the show based on pure luck to let more people know about us.

Yet afterward, we found out that this had all been planned earlier on.

And Shi Xiaoya She still acted as if she did not know anything.” Liu Enxiao scoffed.

“I dont believe she really did not know anything.”

“Whether Shi Xiaoya knew it or not, I dont know.

But whether she knew it or not, the result would not change.

Anyway, this was the production teams idea to begin with.

The production team needs the viewership ratings, needs the variety effect and surprise element.

I am leaning towards the idea that Shi Xiaoya did not know.

Unless her acting is so good that she can make that dumbstruck look on her face look so real at that moment.

Then it would be a pity if she did not go and be an actress,” Shi Feng said.

He picked up his plate and said, “Even if she really knows, and she acted out the surprised and dumbstruck expression and all, thats nothing much.

Coming out to work, who wont have some tricks up their sleeve Nobody really treats each other sincerely and pours their hearts out to other people nowadays.

If there was really someone like that, other people would call them a fool.”

Shi Feng also stood up and said suggestively, “No one is a fool.”

“Im done eating.

I need to go earlier to prepare.

You guys enjoy your meal.”

After saying that, Shi Feng left.

Hong Qiaoxian did not dare to stay for long with Liu Enxiao.

Just now, when they were with Shi Xiaoya, Liu Enxiao had been so friendly to her.

When Shi Xiaoya left, Liu Enxiao started saying all these things.

Who knew if Liu Enxiao would talk bad about them too behind their back

No one would dare to hang out for long with this kind of person.

“Im full too,” Hong Qiaoxian said as she picked up her plate.

“Ill go off to prepare now too.”

“What do they mean by this” Liu Enxiao said aggrievedly.

“I was just telling them what I know.

I even got taken for a bad person”

Duan Pingxian laughed dryly and said, “If youd said those words just now in front of Shi Xiaoya, then you would have been an honest person.

But when Shi Xiaoya was here, you did not say it.

It was only after she left that you started saying all these…”

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