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Chapter 1826: Hugging Han Zhuoling Tightly

In the end, Shi Xiaoya won and got the championship points for this episode.

When Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling came out from the last round, the other guests had already gathered there to wait.


In this episode, Xiaoya was really on a roll,” Cao Jingcheng said as he shook his head.

“Why was she on a roll” Liu Chuanhui spoke as if he was the supporting actor in a comic dialog, catching on to Cao Jingchengs words.

Cao Jingcheng smiled and said, “Having Young Master Ling accompanying her at all times is one huge cheat.”

They chatted and laughed like this, ending the filming for this episode.


Han Zhuoling arranged to leave on the second day.

Hence, on that night, they along with the other guests stayed in the hotel for one more night.

The production team also considered the issue of time, so they booked the hotel until the next day.

That night, after Shi Xiaoya finished packing, she felt a little tired already.

Speaking of that, today was really much more tiring than yesterday.

Yesterday, they only walked around in the underground palace and very quickly passed the levels.

But today, they actually walked around the ancient city for the whole day.

As they were going to leave tomorrow, Shi Xiaoya was afraid that there might not be enough time to pack, so when she came back after dinner, she started packing her luggage, lest she got into a hurry afterward.

After much busying around, Shi Xiaoya was really tired out.

After taking a bath and blow-drying her hair, she could not even be bothered to put on a mask and just did some basic skincare before she quickly lay down on the bed.

Because she had been so tired today, she did not even have difficulty falling asleep like the previous night when she was thinking about Han Zhuoling.

Yet when she was feeling drowsy from sleeping, she heard someone press her doorbell.

Shi Xiaoya rubbed her eyes and got up to turn on the lights.

She wondered if it was Han Zhuoling, but because she was not sure, she did not dare to open the door just like that.

Yet the moment she walked to the door, she got a call from Han Zhuoling.

“Its me.” Han Zhuolings voice had a light chuckle to it.

“I felt that you probably would not really dare to open the door, so I called to tell you about it.”

“I really dont dare to open it.

I was just about to call you just now and ask if its you,” Shi Xiaoya said.

The hotel room door did not have a peephole and did not have a door chain.

If she opened the door, there would really be no security guarantee at all.

Hearing Han Zhuolings words now, Shi Xiaoya could finally be at ease and hung up the phone before opening the room door.

Indeed, Han Zhuoling was standing at the door.

When Han Zhuoling saw that she was looking drowsy from sleep, he could not help feeling enticed.

Before Shi Xiaoya could react, he took big steps in and kissed Shi Xiaoya at the same as he lifted her up.

He did not even have time to close the room door fully.

Shi Xiaoya finally woke up for real this time and subconsciously hugged Han Zhuoling tightly.

Han Zhuoling turned his leg and only then closed the door.

And all these were seen by Liu Enxiao.

At first, Liu Enxiao had intended to go and find Shi Xiaoya.

She wanted to ask indirectly to try and get something out from Shi Xiaoya.

She wanted to know what relationship Shi Xiaoya had with Han Zhuoling, and why Han Zhuoling treated her so nicely.

Even during the games today, Han Zhuoling had actually let Shi Xiaoya win on purpose.

Liu Enxiao did not participate in the filming.

Even so, when the guests were chatting with the director team after the filming ended, the things they said revealed that during todays filming, Han Zhuoling stayed together with Shi Xiaoya all the way.

And during the last round, it was also Han Zhuoling whod wanted to give in.

If there was nothing going on between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, they would be treating people like fools.

Hence, Liu Enxiao decided to go and find Shi Xiaoya to have a “chat.”

Yet she did not expect that she would coincidentally see such an exciting scene.

Liu Enxiao quietly returned to her room.

She did not need to ask Shi Xiaoya anything anymore.

She already got the answer to her question.

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