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Because Lu Mans dressing room wasnt large, the influx of people made it crowded.

Han Zhuoli didnt close the door, so their voices floated out.

And this naturally attracted the attention of other actors.

They took a careful peep and discovered Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuolis down-to-earth actions.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli moved in tandem.

Han Zhuoli never discussed with him, but judging from Han Zhuolis actions, Han Zhuoling knew what Han Zhuoli wanted.

And cooperated with him.

But his aloof image was so deeply ingrained in their hearts that his sudden friendliness shocked them, who still darent relax enough to have a conversation with him.

Lu Man, being as smart as she was, immediately guessed Han Zhuolis intentions.

They usually avoided socializing as much as possible, but this man, along with Han Zhuoling, was socializing with so many others, all for her.

How could she not be touched

A few other brave souls joined the party.

In the dressing room beside Lu Mans, Sun Xiutong grew curious.

“Whats happening outside Its so loud.”

Someone who just exited Lu Mans room replied, “Young Master Han and Young Master Ling are next door.

Who knew they were so friendly and down-to-earth! Theyre chatting with the rest, including the few seniors in our play.

A few younger actors are there too.

Doesnt matter if they can be remembered, theres the possibility as long as they showed their faces.

Who knows, maybe theyd remember us someday when the Han Corporation has films to shoot.”

Filming a movie or a drama paid much more than being in a play.

Who didnt want to be rich and famous

Xu Yuting said to Sun Xiutong, “Why dont we… take a look”

Sun Xiutong bit her lip, feeling guilty.

“Can we Shi Xiaoya heard what we said, and she definitely would have told Lu Man about it.”

Someone near them heard her doubt and scoffed in their hearts.

They knew to suck up to Lu Man now, yet they were criticizing her and instigating Wu Jingli to pick on her before.

There must be something wrong with their brains!

And they dare to go over now

Even if they did, would they be treated nicely

But obviously, these colleagues underestimated the twos brazenness.

Xu Yuting urged Sun Xiutong, “At most, we lick her boots more next time.

We still stand a chance if we go now, but if we dont, we wont even have any hope.”

“Thats true.” And so, both of them went next door.

When they left, the same someone scoffed, “How thick-skinned.”

“Why care about them Theyre brainless.

Completely forgetting about their attitude previously and only thinking of ways to curry favor now.

Its too late!” another said.

As for Sun Xiutong and Xu Yuting, both of them reached Lu Mans dressing room.

There were many in there, and no one noticed their entrance.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli were chatting with others.

Not just the main leads, Han Zhuoli even talked amicably with the younger actors.

“Youre so young, yet you can concentrate on stage plays,” Han Zhuoli praised.

“This is really good.

Actually, after getting your acting under control on stage, you can handle it no matter what roles you play in the future, be it on TV or in the movies.”

“We have a good example in the industry.

Look at Teacher Xu Yahan who occasionally participates in plays.

Why is that”

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