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Chapter 1898: Unexpected Benefits

Xu Ningxian heard someone nearby praise Man Yuns character for being acted out well.

When Man Yun died, there were even people who cried.

“Thats Lu Man! Shes the one acting,” Xu Ningxian reminded them.

“What Shes Lu Man” The audience members seated around her were shocked.

“She hasnt come out in a long time.

The Man Yun this time is actually played by her”

“No wonder.

Lu Mans performance is really getting more and more stable.”

“I didnt expect that shed actually come here to act in a play.

Thats way too low-key.”

Xu Ningxian felt honored hearing that.

“Lu Man is very low profile to begin with.

In the past, there were always people provoking her, thats why she would retaliate.

Now that no one dares to provoke her, she quietly and calmly hones her acting skills.

If it was someone else with such convenient qualities like her, they would surely think of how to make themselves even more famous, to earn more money, and become even more influential.”

“But Lu Man quietly came to act in a play, to hone her acting skills.

Furthermore, she even started from a supporting role, yet she could still make a supporting role appear so outstanding.”

When the people around her heard that, they all felt that she made sense and nodded in agreement.

“Thinking about it carefully, that really seems to be the case.”

The theater would block cell phone signals to prevent people from live-streaming the performance online.

Hence, after the performance ended, when the audience came out of the theater, they all posted on their own social media.

Some posted on Weibo while some posted within their chat groups with friends.

Some talked about it within chat groups with close friends.

“Guess who I saw in the new play by Xu Jiashan that I went to watch today Its Lu Man!”

“Lu Man actually quietly went to act in a play.”

“She is different from other popular young actresses.

Others with her kind of starting point and fame would have kept starring in films and television dramas early on to increase exposure and her own popularity.

Only Lu Man would suddenly go and act in a play.”

“When I was watching the play today, I realized that Man Yuns role was played by Lu Man.

Then I suddenly reacted.

Lu Man had gone quiet for a long time, and there has been a while when I havent seen news about her.

At first, I thought it was because she married into the Han Family and needed to keep a low profile and stop venturing into the entertainment industry.

I didnt expect that she just went to act in play to hone her acting skills.

I am now her fan after being moved by her low-profile actions.”

“Cheering for Lu Man.

Even if many people say that Lu Man can only become so and so because she has Han Zhuolis backing, so what She is already hardworking enough.

If it was a normal person, wont she just continue stirring drama within the entertainment industry But Lu Man actually quietened down to focus on acting in a play.

Let me ask you, how many people can actually do this And she didnt even use this to publicize herself.

If we hadnt gone and watched the play today, we wouldnt even have known that Lu Man was in it.”

“I can tell that Lu Man really wants to be an actress, not just an artiste.

She really wants to act well.”

“There are few young actresses who can be so patient.

I really hope that there can be more of such actors who are so focused on acting.”

“Previously, when I watched the video of the competition with the exchange team, Lu Mans performance was already very stable.

Her acting is so good that it doesnt even belong to someone her age.

Its as if she was an experienced senior in acting, but she did not flaunt her acting skills either, which would look too greasy and overboard.

Her performance still had a very natural and simple feel to it, which makes it look so good to other people.”

Lu Man really did not mean it intentionally.

She did not expect to use this to build some sort of image for herself.

She simply wanted to improve herself.

Who knew that shed actually gain unexpected benefits and actually made many people turn into her fans.

She originally had no news about herself for a long time, but because of this, she made it to the hot search topics.

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