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Chapter 1948: Why Does This Voice Sound So Familiar

“Can you even free your hands to call the police now Even if you called Lu Dongliu, its no use.

Lu Dongliu brought the production team out for supper just now.

Even if you looked for him, he wont be able to come back in time to save you!”

Shi Xiaoya was furious.

“Zheng Xuexin! No matter what kind of situation it is, each party must be willing and show mutual consent.

Are you disgusting or what! Dont tell me you want to force it”

Zheng Xuexin did not pretend anymore and said, “Why the hell are you pretending to be innocent! Im telling you, if you open the door today, Ill give you face.

If you dont, you just wait.

I will make sure you wont be able to continue on in this industry! What top makeup artist Ill turn you into nothing! Dont think that just because you climbed into Han Zhuolings bed, he can protect you.”

“Youre just a prostitute! What are you acting all innocent for!” Zheng Xuexin even spat on the floor.

“And to force it on you I dont need to force myself on you! If you can serve Han Zhuoling, you can naturally serve other people!”

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

She was pent up with so much rage that she felt as if her lungs were about to burst.

Where did this person hear about her and Han Zhuoling He did not even get his facts right, thinking that she had an improper relationship with Han Zhuoling.

Just because he had a messy private life of his own, he thought other people were just like him!

Guo Yujie said angrily, “What rubbish are you saying Xiaoya and Young Master Ling are legitimate lovers! If you keep pestering her like this, arent you afraid that Young Master Ling will settle scores with you”

Shi Xiaoya exerted all the strength she could muster and did not dare to relax at all.

“Zheng Xuexin, if you leave now, I can take it as if nothing happened and wont tell Zhuoling about this.”

Zheng Xuexin laughed out loud and clearly did not believe her.

“Both of you are acting really well.

Did you daydream too much that you cant tell your dreams apart from reality You and Han Zhuoling are legitimate lovers Youre just taking advantage of the fact that Han Zhuoling is not around.

You really dare to say all kinds of brazen words and wont even be scared of biting your tongue when you say it!”

“Zhuoling who” Zheng Xuexin mocked.

“Young lady, I admire your courage.

You even dare to act so close with Han Zhuoling that youd dare to call him that!”

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were so angry that they almost stomped their feet.

They had never seen such an unreasonable person.

The two of them did not understand.

Did Zheng Xuexin have to resort to this

It was not as if he did not have any women and had to keep pestering Shi Xiaoya without letting her off.

He was really crazy!

Shi Xiaoya felt that she was really not some exquisitely beautiful woman.

She was pretty, but not to the point that other people would pester her incessantly against her will.

This Zheng Xuexin could really subvert peoples understanding of morals.

That was what Shi Xiaoya was thinking.

In contrast, Zheng Xuexin was still thinking that Shi Xiaoya was bold and imaginative.

To make him believe that, her reaction was quite quick too.

She even knew to call Han Zhuoling as “Zhuoling.”

“Why wont she dare to call me that” A low, cold voice of a male suddenly sounded out beside Zheng Xuexin.

Zheng Xuexins rage just bubbled over in that instant.

In the morning, Lu Dongliu came to ruin the moment.

At night, when hed finally thought of a way to draw Lu Dongliu away, in the end, some person suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

He was really so unlucky!

“Its none of your business, stop being a busybody!” Zheng Xuexin did not even take a clear look at the person and just told him off first.

He very confidently shouted, “Im just chatting with my friend here!”

Shi Xiaoya had already recognized the persons voice.

But she did not dare to believe it and did not even know if it was because she was in such a dangerous situation and was thinking of Han Zhuoling too much that she was having this illusion.

Even Guo Yujie asked Shi Xiaoya in a daze, “Xiaoya, I didnt hear wrongly, right Why does this voice sound so familiar It sounds like… like Young Master Ling”

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