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Chapter 1984: They Were All Spreading Rumors Blindly

Liu Enxiao then secretly glanced at Zheng Xuexin.

Zheng Xuexin did not look at her.

He was chatting with other people with a smile on his face and talking with fervor.

Liu Enxiao exhaled.

“Hopefully, thats the case.”

Han Zhuoling wanted to watch Shi Xiaoya do makeup initially, but he learned that Shi Xiaoya was doing makeup for Lan Jiexin this time.

So Han Zhuoling did not follow along.

It was a female celebrity, after all.

It was better if he avoided gossip.

Anyway, if Shi Xiaoya was doing makeup for a female celebrity, there was nothing for him to supervise, so he casually found a spot to sit and wait.

On this end, Liu Enxiao went to Zheng Xuexins dressing room with an anxious heart.

The moment she walked in, Zheng Xuexin was already there waiting.

His assistant was standing at the side, helping him keep his phone and watch.

Later, when he was going to film for the show, these things could not be brought along with him.

Zheng Xuexin was talking to his manager on the phone then, but the moment Liu Enxiao walked in, Zheng Xuexin said, “I still have something on now.

Ill hang up first.

We can talk in detail when I get back.”

He wanted to talk with his manager about the issue of him offending Han Zhuoling.

And this was not a normal offense.

He had been set up by Liu Enxiao and offended Han Zhuoling greatly.

The worst-case scenario Zheng Xuexin thought of would be that Han Zhuoling would not let him off.

But even if Han Zhuoling spared him this once, hed had designs on Shi Xiaoya before, so Han Zhuoling would not allow him to have any huge achievements.

He only became famous in his thirties.

Up until now, he had actually only been famous for a few years.

And his popularity now was a far cry from the start when he had just become popular.

If he ended up being suppressed by Han Zhuoling, then he would really not have any prospects.

This morning, he pretended as if nothing was wrong and went to the restaurant to have breakfast.

He then saw all the staff in the production team discussing Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas matter.

As the production team staff all went out for supper last night, besides Shi Feng and the few others, no one else knew what Zheng Xuexin did last night.

Hence, when interacting with Zheng Xuexin, everyone still did as they had done usually.

Zheng Xuexin naturally knew from their conversations that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas matter had long been no secret from the start.

Theyd known it early on and were only waiting for Han Zhuoling to announce it publicly.

So, he was the only one who got tricked.

“Teacher Zheng,” Liu Enxiao greeted nervously.

Zheng Xuexin did not answer her.

Liu Enxiaos heart was beating frantically.

She did not know what exactly happened.

After coming in, she finally saw the assistants full face.

Liu Enxiao got a shock.

When she first came in, the right side of the assistants face was facing the door, and there was nothing unusual.

But when the assistant turned around, Liu Enxiao saw the palm print mark on the left side of his face instantly.

The mark was especially deep.

Even the corner of his lip was busted.

Liu Enxiao got a shock.

The assistant glanced at her coldly.

He walked past her and closed the door, then stood guard at the door, right inside the room.

The assistant also hated Liu Enxiao to the core.

After being slapped by Zheng Xuexin, he did feel humiliated.

But if he hated anyone, that would definitely be Liu Enxiao.

If Liu Enxiao had not lied to Zheng Xuexin and instigated him, Zheng Xuexin would not have asked him to investigate Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuolings matter.

He also had not dared to look for the core team staff because he wanted to protect Zheng Xuexins pride and image.

That was why he believed the words of the fringe workers.

But in fact, those people knew nothing!

They were all spreading rumors blindly!

That was why he gave Zheng Xuexin the wrong information and made Zheng Xuexin suffer greatly, to the point that his career might even be ruined.

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