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Chapter 2057: Thought of Xia Qingweis Virtues Again

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Lu Qi said: “He will definitely think of some peoples virtues again.”

Without Lu Qi elaborating, Xia Qingyang already imagined the rest of what she was going to say.

The “some people” Lu Qi was referring to, wasnt it Xia Qingwei

But she did not know that, actually, the “some people” that Lu Qi mentioned had a much deeper meaning to it.

It was not really just Xia Qingwei, it was in fact more like Jiang Yujie.

Just that Xia Qingyang did not understand what Lu Qi meant and had never met Jiang Yujie, so she naturally could not make the connection.

Compared to Xia Qingwei, Lu Qi suspected Jiang Yujie even more.

But it did not matter.

Anyway, she would not let either of the two off.

Xia Qingyang would never have thought that Lu Qi would actually set her up, even though she was her biological mother.

Xia Qingyang just felt that it was really quite possible that it was Xia Qingwei.

When Xia Qingwei got together with Lu Qiyuan, shed worked hard without complaint or resentment.

Even when Lu Qiyuan met some troubles at work and his career did not take a turn for the better, Xia Qingwei still did not rush him, and shed even helped him tide over some difficult times.

All along, she had been unwavering in times of favor or humiliation.

But what Xia Qingwei fell short on was that even though she was gentle and considerate, she did not depend on Lu Qiyuan.

And Lu Qiyuans success could actually be credited to many of Xia Qingweis suggestions.

When they started their own business, Lu Qiyuan did think that this was quite good.

But when their career took off, Lu Qiyuan felt that Xia Qingwei was being a little too nosy.

He was not that bad either, or else how could he have managed such a big business

He did not need Xia Qingwei to talk so much and give suggestions.

There were many things that he had already decided on, but Xia Qingwei wished to consider it more thoroughly, and this made him unhappy.

This was a classic case of a person using you and thinking everything you said was good when they were in difficulty, but the moment things got better, you became redundant.

When there is a problem, go to Zhong Wuyan.

When all is well, look for Xia Yingchun1.

Xia Qingwei was still that gentle Xia Qingwei, and she was still the Xia Qingwei who would provide some suggestions at appropriate moments.

But Lu Qiyuan no longer needed her.

He was arrogant and conceited.

He felt that women should just be confined to their role in the household, take his money, and just go spend it.

There was no need to interfere overtly in his work.

Xia Qingwei always “criticized” too much.

Was he really that useless in her mind

Because Lu Qiyuan was petty and narrow-minded, and extremely conceited as well, he came to harbor such thoughts, and his unhappiness with Xia Qingwei slowly deepened.

Over time, the crack between him and Xia Qingwei grew wider and wider.

It opened a window of opportunity for Xia Qingyang.

When there were not many problems in his career, Xia Qingyangs petty habits naturally did not surface, and Xia Qingweis virtues became much less apparent.

Now that his career had met with difficulties, Xia Qingyang could not be bothered to pretend anymore.

Not only could she not help Lu Qiyuan, but she acted like a shrew and complained all the time.

How could Lu Qiyuan not think of Xia Qingweis virtues

Xia Qingyang felt that Lu Qiyuan was definitely thinking of Xia Qingwei and might have even gone to find her.

But Xia Qingwei definitely would not have eyes for Lu Qiyuan anymore.

She had her first love around, and shed risked her life to give birth to a son.

Shed put in so much effort, so why would she come back to Lu Qiyuan

Although Xia Qingyang knew all these, it did not mean that she could be reasonable about it.

In her eyes, Lu Qiyuan just could not forget Xia Qingwei.

Did Xia Qingwei not have any responsibility for this, then

Xia Qingwei would not agree to get back with Lu Qiyuan, but this did not mean that she could forgive Xia Qingwei!

“Hah!” Xia Qingyang scoffed, shaking in anger.

“Your dad, that b*stard, he definitely thought of Xia Qingweis virtues again now that he is in trouble.”

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