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Chapter 2059: The Biggest Regret in His Life

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“It takes two to tango.

If she didnt do anything, why would someone keep yearning for her for so long” Lu Qi said coldly.

“I dont believe Wang Juhuai can still remain unshaken.

Even if he trusts Xia Qingwei, wont he feel uncomfortable deep down If he feels annoyed and gets into a bad mood, will Xia Qingwei continue to feel good

“She will definitely think that Wang Juhuai was being distrustful of her and suspecting her, or else he would not be affected at all.

Over time, what else will there be left of their relationship

“To be honest, the two of them havent seen each other for over twenty years.

Could the two of them not have changed a single bit at all I think that Wang Juhuai could yearn for Xia Qingwei for over twenty years not necessarily because his love for Xia Qingwei is so deep but because the two of them separated when their relationship was at its peak.

“The two of them were each others first love when they were young.

Relationships at that age were so simple and wonderful.” Lu Qi raised her eyebrow and said, “At that time, really, nothing counts but love.

Add to that how Wang Juhuais material conditions were not bad at all to begin with.

Back then, the two of them had just gotten together.

They were both trying to leave their best impression on the other party, so they wont have revealed their shortcomings or petty habits.

And because they liked each other and were very willing to accommodate each other, as long as the other party was happy, anything goes.

“When they are passionately in love, whatever they did was right, whatever they did was good.

Some of the other partys habits that were not aligned with your own will be oblivious to you, and it was not an issue even if it was apparent.

The flaws of the other party will just become good in your eyes.”

Lu Qi pursed her lips and said, “But when they are madly in love, is it a time when they really get to know the other party No.

Its after the high tide of love and passion and the relationship has slowly become plain and simple that you can start to assess the other party calmly.

Its then that they start to realize all kinds of petty habits of the other party that they dislike.

“But back then, Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei did not experience such a moment.

They had been separated from each other by Lin Jinshu and Wang Juhuais parents when their relationship was at its best.

Hence, what the two of them left for each other was that best memory they had together.

“What you cant have will always be the best.

They broke up when their relationship was at its peak, so the image they had of each other that remained in their memory will always be the best.

And the more unattainable it was, the more unforgettable it was.

The memory they had of each other in their minds will just keep becoming fonder and fonder.

“You think Xia Qingwei is really that good If she was so good, why did Dad not want her back then Its precisely because the high tide of their relationship has passed.

Xia Qingwei is actually just a very normal woman.

Theres nothing special about her,” Lu Qi said.

“So, even though Wang Juhuai kept thinking of Xia Qingwei, it might not necessarily be that Xia Qingwei is that capable to have captivated him for over twenty years.

Its just the bad habits of men who yearn for the things they cant get.

He simply kept on beautifying his memories of Xia Qingwei.

“Add to that how Lin Jinshu had schemed to get in between them and done things that irritated Wang Juhuai more and more.” Wang Juhuai and Lin Jinshus matter was quite well-known to anyone who wanted to care about it.

Back then, to protect Xia Qingwei and not let people misunderstand her, Wang Juhuai did not hesitate to spill the beans on his issue with Lin Jinshu.

Hence, Lu Qi knew about it as well.

“With Lin Jinshu as a comparison, Xia Qingwei naturally became the biggest regret of his life.”

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