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Chapter 2084: Do You Want to Marry Me

Xia Qingyangs words almost made Lu Qiyuan puke.

Especially when he thought of how she looked like now, it was worlds apart from being cute.

When she was young, she had indeed been cute like that.

Being blue and clumsy, it was very cute.

But could she not take a look at how old she was now!

She even had the shamelessness to use this word

She was in her silver years already!

“Now you despise me for being stupid” Xia Qingyang thought it through already.

If she kept pretending to have a good temper and just tolerated him, Lu Qiyuan might actually sense that her attitude was wrong and different from usual.

Because under normal circumstances, Xia Qingyang would have long started quarreling with him.

So now, Xia Qingyang also started behaving as usual and just started to quarrel with him.

“Lu Qiyuan, you saying this, doesnt it just mean that youre disdainful of my old age Why You want to go out and find a young one Youre really something, huh Are you planning on finding a wife who is forever 18 years old”

Xia Qingyang raised her volume and said, “Or have you already found one”

The more she said this, the more Lu Qiyuan was not worried that she knew anything.

“Youre crazy!” Lu Qiyuan shouted angrily.

“You are the one in the wrong, but now you want to play the blame game Let me tell you, you better stop what youre doing and behave properly.

I still stand by what I said.

If you dont stop, we will get a divorce!”

With that sentence, Lu Qiyuan ended the call.

Lu Qiyuan had been angered quite badly by Xia Qingyang, and he really harbored the thought of divorcing her.

This wife did not have the help of her maternal family, and she was an old hag now.

Plus, she did not even have brains.

The more Lu Qiyuan thought about it, the more he felt, why did he still have to live with her

She was of no help to him at all and did not even have the looks that would make him happy.

Not only that, but she even kept on bringing trouble to him.

Since that woman was someone who was of no help to him, why should he not marry Jiang Yujie instead

She was young, innocent, and had a good temper.

She admired him and would never quarrel with him.

She was pretty and made him happy, and even if she had no brains, with that youthful and beautiful face of hers, he would be willing to accept that.

They both similarly came from ordinary backgrounds, but Jiang Yujie was young, pretty, good-tempered, and would not get angry at him.

He did not need to feel like he did not want to come home every day.

Since that was the case, why should he not marry Jiang Yujie

Wasnt she much better than Xia Qingyang

Anyway, the villa that Xia Qingyang was living in now was a property under his name.

Why should he not be able to return to his own home and be forced to run to another residence that he bought in a pitiful state

The more he thought about it, the more Lu Qiyuan felt that Xia Qingyang took advantage of him.

Lu Qiyuan returned to Jiang Yujies side and held her hand as he asked, “Do you want to marry me”

Jiang Yujie was shocked.

“I… I said before I wasnt thinking of…”

“I know, I know you are thinking for me.

Silly girl, you dont have to think about other things.

Just tell me, if you have the chance to marry me and become Madam Lu, will you be willing” Lu Qiyuan asked.

“Of course I am willing!” Jiang Yujie immediately said.

Sensing that her attitude was a little anxious, she immediately toned it down and said, “But I dont want to add to your troubles.

As long as its good for you, Im fine.

Just being with you, I already feel very apologetic towards Madam, so I dont dare to have the thought of replacing her.

“But if I can marry you and become your wife, I will also be very happy.” Jiang Yujies tone fell as she said, “Although I said I will not fight for it, if you are really willing to marry me, how can I reject you”

Jiang Yujie sighed woefully.

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