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Chapter 2106: Not Allow Others to Get Between Them

If he were just a little younger.

It would have been good enough even if he was three or four years older than Shi Xiaoya.

At least, he could have still been in school, and he could have seen for himself how she looked like as a teenage girl.

Han Zhuoling turned around and saw Shi Xiaoyas fair and smooth face.

Perhaps it was because of her personality, which still had a bit of innocence in her.

Even though she was almost 25 years old now, he could still see a hint of innocence in her from her senior high years.

Just that now, from being a girl, she had completely been turned into a woman by him.

Subconsciously, there was an added layer of feminine charm around her.

There was a hint of sexiness, yet it was mixed with the freshness and innocence unique to girls.

These two auras were mixed together but did not clash at all.

There was an indescribable harmony.

It actually made her aura feel even more unique, and it made one subconsciously attracted to her.

Anyway, in Han Zhuolings eyes, Shi Xiaoya was way too alluring now.

He had to keep watch on her well and not allow others to seize any chance to get between them.

Han Zhuolings gaze at this moment did not hide his sense of fear over losing Shi Xiaoya.

It was as if he treated her as the apple of his eye.

Shi Guanzhong, Du Yiqin, and Shi Nancang all took this to heart, and they naturally felt happy and assured.

Given Han Zhuolings qualities, would he lack for any woman to fancy

Yet on top of liking Shi Xiaoya, he even treated her with such importance.

As if he did not think he had any advantage at all and was actually afraid that Shi Xiaoya would be disdainful of him.

He was not arrogant at all and did not think there was anything outstanding about himself.

He just balanced his mindset, without any ridiculous thoughts, and just used his purest feelings to date Shi Xiaoya.

To treasure her, protect her.

Actually, how would Shi Xiaoya not know Han Zhuolings motive for asking her about her senior high classmates

It was because she understood Han Zhuoling way too well, much, much, more than Shi Nancangs understanding of Han Zhuoling.

So when Han Zhuoling asked whether she usually met up with male or female classmates, Shi Xiaoya immediately understood what Han Zhuoling was asking about.

She just did not say it.

And she even explained it to Han Zhuoling without hinting that she knew.

To reassure him.

Shi Xiaoya even felt her heart ache a little.

For someone as outstanding as Han Zhuoling, no matter which girl it was, it would actually be the girl feeling nervous, afraid that the guy might not like her, afraid that he would be snatched away by others.

But in reality, it was actually Han Zhuoling who had been nervous all along.

She knew it was all because of his previous marriage.

Han Zhuoling always felt that having a previous marriage was a flaw of his, which was unfair to her.

It could be said that he was very afraid that she would be disdainful of him for being married once before.

But she was not.

Shi Xiaoya did not mind it.

But no matter what she said, in Han Zhuolings heart, it was as if it had become a knot that was etched in.

As she understood this, though Shi Xiaoya never minded his past marriage, she now actually wished that hed never had to experience that marriage before.

At least then, he would not need to be as worried as he was now.

Feeling so worried, so unconfident, which was not like him at all.

These things were buried in Shi Xiaoyas heart.

She did not say it out loud.

Actually, it was actually her who worried that Han Zhuoling might one day stop liking her.

He was so good, good to the point that in front of him, she became so ordinary.

She was afraid that she would not be a good enough match for him.

The two of them were both trying to become better versions of themselves, in order to be with each other.

When Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin came this time, they realized that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were indeed living well together.

The two of them had also planned for their lives and lived in a disciplined manner together.

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