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Chapter 2107: She Was Right Here, But He Wanted to Look at Photos

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There were no petty habits that made one feel unable to bear it.

The two of them lived very harmoniously together.

Its true that after they connected the two floors, they did not specially reorganize the house and just maintained the original layout and room designations.

Even so, it still made people feel that this was their home.

It felt warm and cozy, and it did not feel mismatched at all.

It did not seem as if the two houses had been joined together at the last minute.

Hence, in the afternoon, Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin left feeling very satisfied, and they even dragged Shi Nancang away with them.

Regarding Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya staying together, they no longer had any objections.

After the three of them left, Shi Xiaoya put the bowls and plates into the dishwasher.

“Dont busy yourself with the rest.

Tomorrow, the helper auntie will come and clean up,” Han Zhuoling said.

He did not let Shi Xiaoya continue busying herself.

The two of them were not used to having someone else move in with them.

If that had been the case, whether the two of them were chatting, or doing even more intimate things, it would be inconvenient for them.

For example, both of them usually liked to watch television in the living room.

Han Zhuoling would hug Shi Xiaoya like a pillow in his arms out of habit.

And, sometimes, he would even want to caress her, determined to caress her from being a B to a C cup.

And it would not be intentional at all.

It was totally a subconscious act; he would just do it subconsciously.

If there was someone else at home who suddenly came out and saw that, it would be so awkward.

It would make everyone uncomfortable and feel exceptionally awkward.

So might as well not let the helper auntie stay here.

Just come over during the day to help clean up.

During the weekends, the helper auntie would not come over.

Shi Xiaoya still decided to put the bowls and plates into the dishwasher first so that it would not look so messy outside.

When Han Zhuoling saw that, he then took the cleaning cloth to wipe the dining table clean.

Shi Xiaoya was in the kitchen.

When she looked out, she happened to see him wiping the table.

Shi Xiaoya felt a little curious, wondering if he had ever personally done such chores before until he reached this age.

When Shi Xiaoya had nothing left to do on her end, she then leaned against the door frame and cocked her head as she stared at him, the corners of her lips subconsciously curving into a smile.

Han Zhuoling looked much more lively like this and gave off a warmer image.

Seeing that Han Zhuoling was done wiping, Shi Xiaoya then said, “Were going to the family home tomorrow, right”

Han Zhuoling did not have any opinion on that and just asked, “Why did you suddenly think of going to the family home”

Shi Xiaoya walked over.

At this moment, the three thick photo albums were still placed on the shelf beside the dining table.

They were the three albums that Du Yiqin had brought over.

When Du Yiqin left, Han Zhuoling asked if he could keep those three books, as he had not seen enough of them.

Shi Xiaoya thought at the time, “What else did he want to see”

She was standing right here, but he wanted to look at photos

But Du Yiqin had still left the photo albums behind.

At first, Shi Guanzhong still felt very unhappy about it.

Because he also wanted to flip through and take a look at his daughters childhood and teenage photos when he had nothing better to do.

Now the photo albums were snatched away by Han Zhuoling, how ridiculous was that

Anyway, his beautiful little daughter already belonged to Han Zhuoling, yet Han Zhuoling still wanted to snatch the photos with him

How ridiculous was this!

Shi Guanzhong clearly expressed his displeasure and his unwillingness to hand the photo albums over to Han Zhuoling.

So Du Yiqin said, “These are just three of the photo albums.

There are still so many at home.

Did you forget how madly you took photos when Xiaoya was young You had to take photos even when she was just eating or drinking water.

When she was one year old, if I hadnt stopped you, you would have taken photos of her when I helped her to poo.”

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling immediately turned to them.

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