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Chapter 2135: Someone Found Trouble with You but You Didnt Tell Me

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Indeed, Cen Mengqing felt that, luckily, she left this to a professional to do.

If she had done it alone, it would have been troublesome for her to do such trivial things.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya returned home.

Han Zhuoling then received a call from Nan Jingheng.

As the power holder of the biggest media corporation in the country, Nan Jingheng was always the first to receive such news.

“Brother Ling, quick, go online and take a look.

Someone is smearing elder sister-in-laws reputation online,” Nan Jingheng said.

Although hed called Shi Xiaoya “younger sister-in-law” in the chat group previously, that was all in a joking manner.

When he was serious, Nan Jingheng still obediently called Shi Xiaoya elder sister-in-law.

Nan Jingheng briefly explained things and did not waste Han Zhuolings time anymore.

He quickly ended the call so that Han Zhuoling would have time to go and see what exactly was going on and think of a way to handle the matter.

“Whats wrong” Shi Xiaoya saw that Han Zhuolings expression was a little sullen.

Han Zhuolings expression would have appeared to be no different to outsiders.

When he was expressionless, it always made people think that he was angry.

He clearly did not have a fierce face, but that aura of his just made people feel nervous.

But in front of Shi Xiaoya, he had always had a smile on his face.

But even when he was expressionless, Shi Xiaoya could also magically understand his expression.

“Just now, Jingheng called and said there was someone smearing you online.” Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had just entered the door and had not even had time to change out of their clothes.

The two of them could not care about that now.

They sat on the sofa, opening Weibo to look.

Without needing to search for it purposely, there were already many big-name accounts sharing the video, or adding their own captions to upload it.

“Renowned Makeup Artists Black History Exposed: Confronted by Mans Wife for Being a Mistress.”

“Han Zhuolings Girlfriend Was a Mistress.”

There were headlines like these and even more extreme ones, which were even more eye-catching.

Without clicking in to look, one could already tell that it was a video of the middle-aged woman who went to Shi Xiaoyas work studio that day to make a scene.

Han Zhuoling clicked on the video.

Judging from the angle, someone took the video from outside Shi Xiaoyas work studio.

It was not done by an employee within the studio.

Shi Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief.

At least there was no traitor from their work studio.

“Didnt you give a heads-up previously” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“By right, when this video was taken, they would have uploaded this at the first moment that day to smear my reputation.

It didnt get through then, which shows that because of you, it completely wont be able to get uploaded.

How come today—”

“There are too many censorship-check personnel and the system is too complicated.

There will definitely be some people who have some private connections.” Han Zhuoling understood it very quickly.

“Just like Lu Man.

If she made a move, these kinds of things wont be able to stop her.

She can also find someone to create a loophole to upload the video.”

Han Zhuoling said, “So, there must definitely have been someone whod engaged a professional to deliberately smear you.”

“Xia Yixin is still in the police station now,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“That means its—”

“Cen Mengqing who did it,” Han Zhuoling said.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoyas phone rang.

Shi Xiaoya picked up the phone and said to Han Zhuoling, “Its my older brother.”

As Shi Xiaoya said that, she answered the call, “Older Brother.”

Over the phone, Shi Nancang said anxiously, “Whats going on in the video online When did that happen Someone found trouble with you, but you didnt even tell me”

Shi Xiaoya glanced at Han Zhuoling and said, “Its not a big matter, so Zhuoling settled it..

Thats why I didnt tell you.”

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