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Chapter 2140: What Kind of Scheme Is Being Planned

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A brief moment after Lu Man just explained that, Shi Nancang also arrived.

He had a card and came up directly.

When he entered, he appeared so anxious that it was as if his feet were on fire.

When he saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, he was stunned for a moment, and his temper went down a little.

It showed that Han Zhuoling did treat this very seriously.

Hed called Han Zhuoli and Lu Man over at the first moment to resolve this matter.

“Older Brother,” Shi Xiaoya called, inviting Shi Nancang to come over to sit down.

A clean teacup had long been prepared for him on the coffee table.

When he sat down, Shi Xiaoya first poured some tea for him.

When he saw that the Han Family treated this so seriously, and that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man even came over so late at night, Shi Nancangs anger just dissipated.

Lu Man briefly told Shi Nancang about the progress in resolving the matter.

“Oh, right.

I didnt manage to ask just now,” Lu Man said.

“Xiaoya, you never revealed your familys background all these years.

Then will you mind revealing it publicly now

“Actually, if you publicly declare that you are from the Shi family, this matter will be resolved very easily,” Lu Man said.

“I dont mind,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“My relationship with Zhuoling is already public, so it doesnt matter if I publicly declare my family background now too.

Actually, I didnt declare it all this while not because I deliberately sought to hide it, I just didnt take the initiative to say it.”

Lu Man nodded.

“I understand now.”

When Shi Nancang heard that, he asked, “How about I announce it online now”

“Dont worry to rush it,” Lu Man said.

“Its not time yet.

The graduation photo is already out.

We need to attract most of the attention over first to bring the popularity of the topic to its peak.”

After Lu Man said that, she then opened Weibo to take a look and said, “Its almost time.

Right about now.”

Who knew what she was looking for, but the others also opened Weibo along with her.

Without Lu Man saying it, they naturally knew what Lu Man was looking for.

Because a new topic had appeared.

Someone had claimed to be Shi Xiaoyas classmate and said that Shi Xiaoya did not graduate from Jixia Academy at all.

She was just a normal senior high graduate from B Citys No.

3 Senior High School.

Shi Nancang was surprised.

“Lu Man, is this also someone you hired”

“No, this is hired by the other party,” Lu Man said.

“If the other party is unscrupulous enough, or if they had no morals at all, theyd pull this kind of trick.

“I was waiting just now to give the other party time and see how they would react.

I can then know what kind of scheme the other party is planning,” Lu Man said.

“What if the other party did not use this move even after youd been waiting for a long time” Shi Nancang asked.

Lu Man smiled and shook her head.

“Theres no need to wait very long.

This has a time limit as well.

A reaction is needed as quickly as possible, or else, after I changed the topic, it will be too late for the other party to change the topic anymore.

So, if they wanted to do anything, they needed to react within a short period of time.”

Lu Man glanced at her phone and said, “I have a rough idea in my mind now.

“Wait a moment for me,” Lu Man said.

She then used her phone to contact someone.

Very quickly, someone produced a photo comparison online.

It was to check if it had been doctored.

The result was, naturally, that it had not.

This graduation photo was indeed real.

And the few students in there were also some more renowned second-generation heirs that frequently show up online at night.

Eight Skin Entertainment: “The photo has been verified to be genuine.

The results of the test is below.

Friends who dont understand, its okay, afterward, we will upload a video of the verification process, then you all will understand.

Let us first look at whos in this photo..

The order goes from left to right, and from the bottom to the top.”

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