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Chapter 2146: Whos the One Who Hired You

“Hello, is this Teacher Lu Man” The other party was especially polite.

Lu Man felt a little surprised, and she also replied very politely, “You flatter me too much.

And you are—”

“I am Lu Chao.

Im partly in the same industry as you, I am also a PR manager.” Lu Chao was the PR manager that Cen Mengqing had hired.

When he said he was partly in the same industry, it was because Lu Mans main career now was being an actress.

“Hello.” Lu Man had roughly guessed by now what the other party was up to.

“Its like this.

Im not able to contact Miss Shi, so I can only look for you,” Lu Chao said.

“I want to personally apologize to Miss Shi.”

Lu Man turned on the loudspeaker on her phone to let Shi Xiaoya and the others all hear.

“I dont really understand what youre saying.

Why would you want to apologize for no reason” Lu Man asked.

Lu Chao thought to himself, “Youre so smart.

Do you really not know”

Wasnt she playing dumb with him

But Lu Chao did not dare to really say that either.

He could only say in his most sincere tone, “I was the one whod asked someone to upload the video that stirred a huge controversy online just now.”

Before waiting for Lu Man to say anything, he hurriedly explained, “But please dont misunderstand.

I just did it because its my job.

I accepted the job from someone, thats why I did it.

“And the video that I received was not the complete version to begin with.

The complete version of the video that you asked someone to upload later on, I watched it.

Thats when I knew that I had also been deceived,” Lu Chao said sincerely.

“I am really very sorry that the video I spread around previously caused so much disturbance and harm to Miss Shis reputation.

“So, I would like to personally apologize to Miss Shi and ask for her forgiveness,” Lu Chao said.

Lu Man said very directly and honestly, “To be honest, you are just afraid that the Shis and the Hans would want to take revenge on you, right The rumor already has more than 500 shares.

If we really want to pursue the matter, you can be sentenced.

The rumor you spread is nearly reaching six figures.”

Lu Chao gritted his teeth and said, “I will personally apologize and say that I spread the fake news just to get views and attention to clear Miss Shis name.

Please, help me tell Mr.

Han and Mr.

Shi to let me off this time.

I am just a minor character.

I really cant afford to offend both of them.

With this lesson, I will definitely not dare to do anything thats related to Miss Shi.”

On this matter, Lu Man naturally could not decide for Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang.

Anyway, the loudspeaker was on.

They could all hear him.

Lu Man then turned to Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang to see how they would decide.

Shi Nancang and Han Zhuoling turned to look at Shi Xiaoya at the same time, intending to respect her decision.

Shi Xiaoya nodded and agreed.

Whether this Lu Chao really knew that the video Cen Mengqing gave him was incomplete or not, he was just a middleman who did his job for money.

If he would admit his mistake and clear the air online, Shi Xiaoya did not really want to pursue the matter anymore.

The person she really wanted to pursue the matter with was the one whod spent money to hire him to do this.

So, Lu Man said to Lu Chao, “Whos the one who hired you”

Actually, they all knew.

But Lu Man wanted to seek confirmation from Lu Chao.

Lu Chao went silent for a while before he said, “Thats my client.

Although because of this, I already returned the deposit and stopped accepting this job, we still signed a contract.

I need to keep this confidential for my client.”

When he said this, Lu Man actually thought a little more highly of him.

“Then lets put it another way,” Lu Man said.

“Miss Xia had been taken to the police station tonight from a charity gala event.

You were hired because of this incident, right”

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