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Chapter 2165: Acting Recklessly

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If they had an appointment, the security officers would first verify it with the company that the other party had an appointment with.

After confirming that there was indeed an appointment, then they would only let the other party in after registration.

If there was no appointment, then they would definitely not let the person in.

The previous time, when the middle-aged woman came to the work studio to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya, Qin Zigou did not just fly into a rage on the spot but also threw a huge fit after the incident.

This made the security company extremely nervous, and they all pulled up their socks much higher.

On top of the scandal that shocked the Internet last night, Qin Zigou was afraid that the Xia family would come and find trouble, so he called the security company once again and told them to tighten security at the office building.

The message was relayed from the people in charge level by level all the way down, so everyone treated it very seriously and sternly.

Such strict security rules had already been enforced for quite some time..

Hence, when Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing came in the morning, even though they were early, they were not able to get into the office building.

They had been stopped outside and prevented from entering by the security officers the entire time.

No matter what Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing said, it was no use.

The security officers just did not listen to whatever they said.

Just now, Han Zhuoling stopped his car outside the office building and happened to see Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing waiting anxiously.

Their faces looked terrible.

Even from a distance, Shi Xiaoya could tell the haggardness on Cen Mengqings face.

At this moment, Cen Mengqing and Xia Zhancheng were looking frantically at the roads.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling smirked mockingly.

“Looks like the two of them are here to beg for mercy.

Its probably because they cant contact us, so they can only come to your workplace to ambush us.

“Are you very busy with work these days If not, just dont go to work for now, lest you get pestered by them.”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“We have to face it sooner or later.

If they dont see me, they will keep coming to look for me.

We cant possibly hide from them our whole lives.”

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

“Ill arrange for some people to be stationed outside your office tomorrow.

If Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing come over, they can stop them and prevent them from getting close to you.”

But he also felt that this was not some long-term plan.

Shi Xiaoya then said, “Lets just get off the car first and see what exactly they plan to do.”

So the two of them got down.

The moment Cen Mengqing saw them, she kept tugging Xia Zhanchengs elbow and just dragged him along to go up to them.

“Zhuoling, Miss Shi.” Cen Mengqings address made the distinction between their closeness very obvious.

When she called Han Zhuoling, it was as if Han Zhuoling was still her son-in-law, as if Han Zhuoling and the Xia family were still just as close.

But when it came to Shi Xiaoya, she just called her Miss Shi in a cold and aloof manner.

Shi Xiaoya was not angry.

There was not much to be angry about with such a person.

Being angry with a muddle-headed person like Cen Mengqing was just a waste of time and a disservice to oneself.

Shi Xiaoya just raised an eyebrow.

She felt that Cen Mengqing was quite an interesting person.

She was here to beg for mercy, yet she still put on such an attitude.

And she still thought that she was Han Zhuolings mother-in-law and was on such good terms with him.

Shi Xiaoya did not look at Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing.

She just turned to look at Han Zhuoling and said, “Zhuoling, your ex-mother-in-law still sees you as her son-in-law.”

Cen Mengqing did not expect that Shi Xiaoya would actually dare to speak in such a manner to Han Zhuoling.

In the past, when Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling were still married, Xia Yixin was very obedient in front of Han Zhuoling.

Not that she was extremely cautious, but she did not dare to easily throw a tantrum.

It could be said that Han Zhuoling had full control over her.

How would she dare to use such a sarcastic tone to talk to him

She was way too bold and acting too recklessly!

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