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Chapter 2199: Purposely Did Not Retaliate

And when Xia Qingyang was causing trouble for Jiang Yujie, she had an advantage at first because the people Lu Man had sent over had not arrived in time.

After all, Lu Man was only reacting, so her movements would be slower than Xia Qingyangs.

Shed also based this move on the direction in which Xia Qingyang was heading.

When Lu Man went to send people over, they would definitely not arrive as quickly as Xia Qingyang.

Luckily, they still arrived in time.

At the very last moment, they brought up the tempo and spilled out Xia Qingyang and Lu Qis rotten deeds.

The moment that was mixed in, it distracted everyone, so they did not put all their attention on Jiang Yujie.

So this time, after the incident, Jiang Yujie actually did not complain to Lu Qiyuan at the first instance.

Instead, she contacted Lu Man first to thank her.

“This is nothing,” Lu Man said.

“How are you I heard Xia Qingyang hit you.”

Jiang Yujie had been beaten by Xia Qingyang until her face was swollen.

She did not dare to laugh at this moment.

Even lifting her lips slightly felt painful.

She wanted to chuckle a little at first, but she could not even laugh now.

She carefully moved the corners of her lips as she said, “I purposely didnt retaliate and just let her hit me.

Only in this way would Lu Qiyuan feel even more heartache for me and hate her even more.”

After all, right now, she had the advantage of having a pretty face.

Xia Qingyang was long past the peak of her prime.

She was old now and her looks had also deteriorated.

Just based on looks, even Lu Qiyuan would know whom to feel bad for.

At this stage, there was not much for Lu Man to persuade her about.

She knew Jiang Yujies plans, so she ended the call.

Jiang Yujie ended the call and zoned out for a moment.

After a long pause, she then gave a call to the manager in the secretarial office, saying that she wanted to take leave today and would not be going over.

She had placed all the work due for today on the table, so someone could go and take it.

Although Jiang Yujie was Lu Qiyuans personal assistant, she belonged to the secretarial office.

Jiang Yujie did not directly call Lu Qiyuan to show that she knew how to separate her private life from her public life.

The more she was like this, the more Lu Qiyuan liked her.

And if shed called Lu Qiyuan directly to apply for leave, Lu Qiyuan would definitely have asked her for the reason.

Whether she said it directly or hesitated to say it, in the end, she would have to be “forced” to answer by Lu Qiyuan.

After the incident, when Lu Qiyuan thought about it again, he would definitely think that shed done this to complain to him.

Even if Lu Qiyuan did get angry with Xia Qingyang over this, he would not be displeased with her.

This method of complaining to sow discord would make her stoop to a lower level.

Jiang Yujie was very smart.

And to punish Lu Qiyuan by law to bring justice to her elder brother, she had to be careful and cautious.

She absolutely could not take a wrong step!

She had to capture Lu Qiyuan tightly in her hands!

So, she could not apply for leave directly from Lu Qiyuan.

If she applied for leave from the secretarial office, Lu Qiyuan would also ask about it when he did not see her.

When that happens, the manager could be the one saying that she took leave, so the effect would be a little better.

Jiang Yujie had thought all these things over carefully.

So she stayed at home to recuperate.

She did not come out of her bedroom and did not want to face her parents questioning for the moment.

She still could not state the reason she did this because she was afraid they would stop her.

She had to wait until the incident had reached a conclusion before she could say it.


Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi went to the Lu Corporation.

In a fierce and aggressive manner, Xia Qingyang just rushed towards the level where Lu Qiyuans office was.

The two of them initially arrived a little earlier and waited downstairs in the company for a while.

They waited until working hours had started and everyone was in the office, then the two of them entered the company.

The whole time, while they rushed to Lu Qiyuans office, Xia Qingyang shouted as loudly as she could, “Wheres Jiang Yujie! Jiang Yujie, come out!”

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