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Chapter 2201: Only You Know How to Talk

“Exactly,” another person said.

“Although Jiang Yujie is one too… other people have the right to say that, but this Madam CEO doesnt.

Be it with taking shortcuts or seducing other peoples husbands, she is way more vicious than Jiang Yujie.”

“Hah, at least Jiang Yujie still has a job of her own,” the person beside them said.

“When she became a mistress back then, before she married CEO, she did not even have a job of her own.

Back then, the exposé on the Internet said it all.

At that time, Xia Qingyang came to live off of her elder sister.

Even her living expenses were given to her by her elder sister.”

“Tsk, tsk.” The other person tsked.

“Then this right now is really her karma.

I cant say that Jiang Yujie did brilliantly, but I at least dont pity Xia Qingyang.

She was the one who snatched someone elses husband first with evil intentions, so she shouldnt blame another third party for snatching her husband away again.”

“What third party Jiang Yujie is at most a fourth party.

Xia Qingyang is the real third party.”

“Right, right.”

These people spoke in very hushed tones and were at the other end of the corridor.

Lu Qiyuan naturally did not hear them.

But he heard Xia Qingyangs words loudly and clearly.

“Shut up!” Lu Qiyuan bellowed in anger.

He took big strides over and yanked Xia Qingyang over at once.

“What are you causing a ruckus for!”

“What am I causing a ruckus for” Xia Qingyang yanked her elbow out and shook off his hand.

“Can you possibly not know what Im causing a ruckus for I didnt expect that out of all the women you could find, you actually chose one that was right by your side!”

On the other end of the corridor, an employee sputtered out in a hushed giggle and said in a low voice, “Whats there not to expect Wasnt she the woman who could not be any closer to him back then She was his younger sister-in-law.”

“You only know how to talk!” The colleague beside her was so entertained by her.

“Dont spout rubbish here and ruin a young ladys reputation!” Lu Qiyuan shouted sternly.

“Yo! Lu Qiyuan, when did you become a gentleman You can even spare a thought for other peoples reputation Just say youre protecting that little lover of yours! You make yourself sound so high-minded.”

Xia Qingyangs face subconsciously trembled, as if her facial nerves had become dysfunctional.

“At this point in time, youre still thinking of protecting that little sl*ts reputation!” Xia Qingyang screamed angrily.

“I really dont know how that little sl*t has bewitched you, actually making you so protective of her!”

Lu Qiyuan was an utterly selfish and self-centered person.

He only thought about himself.

No matter what happened, the first thing he did was to first secure his own interests.

But this time, he actually protected Jiang Yujie first.

This gave rise to a strong sense of danger in Xia Qingyang.

Even when she was young, Lu Qiyuan had never been so protective of her!

“Watch your mouth! Dont embarrass me here!” Lu Qiyuan bellowed.

“If you find it embarrassing now, then you shouldnt have done something to be embarrassed of!” Xia Qingyang totally went all out.

“Jiang Yujie and I have nothing going on! Shes a young lady, she wont be able to withstand your vilifications,” Lu Qiyuan said furiously.

“Before you made a ruckus, Jiang Yujie and I were originally innocent, but how do you think she can continue coming to work after this How is she supposed to interact with her colleagues”

Lu Qiyuan said, “You have always been overly suspicious since before.

Whenever I come home, you will quarrel with me, to the point where I even became scared of going home.

I am scared of your temper.

You keep making a ruckus unreasonably like a shrew!”

Although his words would not make everyone completely believe that he and Jiang Yujie were innocent, at least some people would start to doubt the truth of what Xia Qingyang had been haranguing him about earlier on.

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