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Chapter 2203: All the Tricks She Played Before

Lu Qiyuan mocked her in his heart.

Cared about him

More like cared about his money!

Lu Qiyuan lowered his head.

He saw Xia Qingyang sitting on Jiang Yujies seat and felt as if Jiang Yujies seat got dirtied by Xia Qingyang.

No matter how he looked at Xia Qingyang now, he really felt annoyed and disdainful of her.

“Okay.” Lu Qiyuan wanted to make Xia Qingyang go away first.

After Xia Qingyang caused a ruckus today, he really embarrassed himself big time!

Hence, the three of them left.

Those employees who were hiding at the corner to watch the show all quickly ran away, deeply afraid that Lu Qiyuan would see them.

After the three of them left the company, they did not find some cafe or any similar place.

It was really because Lu Qiyuan was very afraid that Xia Qingyang would suddenly go crazy and kick up a fuss such that everyone would know what the matter was.

Besides, given Xia Qingyangs crazy and unstable temper, Lu Qiyuan was really quite scared of her.

Hence, the three of them just sat in Xia Qingyangs car to have a chat.

“What do you want to talk about” Lu Qiyuan asked coldly.

“You still ask me what I want to talk about” Xia Qingyang said angrily.

“Xia Qingyang, watch your attitude.

I am talking to you calmly now, I dont want to quarrel with you.

If you keep screaming and shouting at me like a bursting firecracker, then theres no need for us to talk,” Lu Qiyuan warned coldly.

Xia Qingyang gritted her teeth.

She took a few deep breaths and finally suppressed her anger forcefully.

“Okay, Ill have a good chat with you.”

Xia Qingyang directly took out a pile of photos of Lu Qiyuan and Jiang Yujie taken by the private investigator and threw them on Lu Qiyuans lap.

“These photos are evidence! Just now in the company, in front of those employees, you made things sound so nice.

But there are no outsiders now, you dont need to pretend anymore.

Lets be honest with each other.

Just admit to it.”

Lu Qiyuan took up the photos to have a look.

The more he looked, the paler his face turned.

He did not even know that while he and Jiang Yujie were interacting with each other like usual, their photos were being taken.

It was only in the bedroom that they did not take photos of them.

“These photos, I have copies with me, and the private investigator has them as well.

There are too many copies of them, so you dont need to think about how to destroy them,” Xia Qingyang said.

Lu Qiyuan gritted his teeth and then asked, “What do you want”

“Break up with her, and fire her from the company.

Then I will take it as if nothing happened before.

We will continue with our lives as we should,” Xia Qingyang said.

“And if I dont want to” Lu Qiyuan raised his eyebrow and said, “Since the photos are all here, then I will be honest with you too.”

Lu Qiyuan said, “Ive had enough of living with you.

I cannot ask for a divorce because Yujie also told me that she had no intention of ruining our marriage, and she doesnt want to take your place either.

And you are already so old.

If we really get a divorce, you wont have a good life anymore.

“Its unusual that Yujie thought so thoroughly for your sake, so you should stop making a ruckus.

Just be Mrs.

Lu properly, and whats yours will still be given to you.

The life you have been living so far will not change either.” Lu Qiyuan continued, “If you are afraid that your status is being threatened, just like how youd replaced Xia Qingwei back then, you dont have to worry about that.

“Because Yujie does not have such thoughts at all,” Lu Qiyuan said.

Xia Qingyang was so furious that she almost could not breathe.

Her chest felt extremely stuffy, and she pounded hard on her own chest a few times.

This dumbf*ck Lu Qiyuan, he really believed Jiang Yujies nonsense!

Did he forget that she too had said the same thing to him back then

The things that Jiang Yujie said were all tricks she had played before!

But she could not use her own past to explain either, lest it gave Lu Qiyuan even more reason to justify himself.

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