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Chapter 2208: Whats Going On

“Mm,” Jiang Yujie replied.

She did not say much, but every sound was tinged with helplessness and grievance.

This made Lu Qiyuans heart ache so much.

He immediately said, “Its not convenient for me to go to your parents place.”

Especially since Xia Qingyang just went to kick up a huge fuss today.

How could Jiang Yujies parents let him in

“You come home, let me take a look at you,” Lu Qiyuan said.

Jiang Yujie was silent for a long moment before she said, “The car you gifted me… Mrs.

Lu smashed it.

My face had also been beaten until its swollen, so its not convenient for me to go out right now.”

Jiang Yujie continued, “She came to my house early in the morning.

She took a megaphone and shouted downstairs, so all the neighbors in our vicinity heard it.

Even if my face were fine, I… I still dont dare to go out…”

Through the phone, Lu Qiyuan could hear her trying her best to suppress her sobbing tone and control her voice.

If Jiang Yujie had just cried and started wailing, Lu Qiyuans heart might not have ached so much for her.

But the more Jiang Yujie suppressed herself and kept quiet even when she had grievances, choosing to just swallow it back down, the more Lu Qiyuans heart ached for her.

Jiang Yujie was so weak and gentle, how could she be a match for Xia Qingyang

And Jiang Yujie had always felt guilty towards Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang had kept forcing her to a corner, beating and scolding her, but Jiang Yujie would not even fight back.

And even if she wanted to fight back, she might not have even been able to.

Just hearing Jiang Yujie say that made Lu Qiyuans heart hurt.

“How about this Its not convenient for me to go, so Ill send someone to fetch you.

The car will be parked right below your house.

When it arrives, Ill give you a call.

You can get into the car immediately.

No one will see you.”

Jiang Yujie did not reply for a very long time.

Lu Qiyuan felt a little anxious.


He then heard Jiang Yujie reply, “Okay.”

On this end, Lu Qiyuan sent someone to fetch Jiang Yujie while he went back to the villa first.

Anyway, hed already let everyone watch a good show today.

He did not feel like staying in the office anymore.

Even if those people did not dare to look at him, he also knew that they were definitely laughing at him deep down.

Hed just choose not to see them so he would feel less troubled by it.


At this moment, Xia Qingyang had just returned home with Lu Qi.

The two of them had just sat down and were discussing what to do afterward.

But not long after they started discussing, the doorbell rang.

The helper auntie at home turned on the surveillance cam, saw the police standing outside the door, and got a shock.

She immediately turned on the speaker and greeted, “Officers, hello”

“Hello.” The police officers flashed their identity cards at the camera for the auntie to see clearly and said, “We received a police report that Mrs.

Xia Qingyang and Miss Lu Qi are suspected of embezzlement and illegal transfer of company assets.

We want to bring them back to assist with investigations.

Please cooperate with us.”

The auntie was dumbstruck.

“Oh, oh, okay.”

The police officers were doing their duties, so she naturally did not dare to stop them.

She opened the door for the police officers and went to the living room, calling out anxiously and helplessly, “Madam, Young Missy, there are police officers outside.”

The two people did not hear what the auntie had said to the police officers at the entrance foyer, so they did not really care about it.

“Why are the police coming to our house for nothing” Xia Qingyang frowned and did not think of anything bad.

The auntie said uncomfortably, “I heard… heard those police officers say just now that someone sued… sued you two, for illegal… transfer of assets or something.”

Anyway, the auntie did not really understand what they said either.

But she could tell, it was no small matter.

Xia Qingyangs heart skipped a beat and she turned to look at Lu Qi.

Lu Qis face changed as well.

The two of them could not help but connect this matter to themselves.

“Whats going on Why would there be police officers coming over” Xia Qingyang asked anxiously.

“No, why would there be anyone suing us”

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