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Chapter 2232: Quick, Let Your Mr.


“I do know of such a person, but theyre not easy to find.

Mount Lan Compound is also looking for him,” Wen Ren said.

“We already have some leads on our end, but we still need some time.”


For this matter, its naturally better the faster it can be done,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I understand.”

After ending the call, the moment he turned around, he saw Lu Man standing at the door of the study.

“Why are you awake” Han Zhuoli asked as he walked towards her.

“As I was sleeping, I couldnt feel you,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli chuckled and thought of how Lu Man had this habit.

Whenever she was about to wake up but still did not feel like waking up, she would reach out to touch him.

After she touched him, she would then hug him like she was hugging a big bolster, using her hands and legs to cling to his body and continuing to sleep.

Han Zhuoli could not help but think, what if one day, he was not by her side What would she do

Of course, there would not be such a day.

Han Zhuoli carried her up and said, “I gave Wen Ren a call to ask him to help me find someone who can better understand your situation.”

Han Zhuoli did not say that in the middle of the night, he dreamt of the scene where Lu Man was being burned in the big fire.

It looked as if it was from her past life.

She was in so much pain in the fire, her gaze despondent and desolate.

It was probably because he heard Lu Man say those words last night, that was why he had such a dream.

But even if it was a dream, it felt so real, scaring Han Zhuoli until he broke out in a cold sweat all over.

In his dream, he could clearly see Lu Man, as if Lu Man could see him too.

Lu Man just stared at him like that in the fire, or was just staring in his direction.

He was not too sure whether Lu Man really saw him or if she was just looking in his direction.

In his dream, he wanted to rush into the fire and bring Lu Man out.

But he realized that his feet were rooted to the ground.

He could not move no matter how he tried.

He screamed, “Man Man, quick, come out! Come here! Come to me!”

But he realized that he could not scream even when he opened his mouth wide.

He watched Lu Man disappear in the big fire right before his eyes, yet there was nothing he could do about it.

In the middle of the night, he woke up in shock, drenched in cold sweat, and realized that his throat felt as if it had been choked by someone.

He panted breathlessly, turned, and saw that Lu Man was still there, that she was sleeping soundly.

He then pulled her into his arms and fell back asleep.

Han Zhuoli thought that it was probably because he cared too much about it, that was why he had such a dream.

Lu Man nodded.

She was fine now, so there was no trouble that she needed help to deal with.

They just wanted to know if this matter would have any impact in the future, if any accidents would happen.

As today was a Saturday, the two of them ate breakfast and went to the family home to visit the two elders.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya also went over.

The show Survivor, which Shi Xiaoya participated in, was left with one last episode to be filmed.

In fact, the finale episode had actually been filmed, but the audiences reaction was way too good, so the viewership ratings were way too high.

Despite the fact that Han Zhuoling did not continue participating after the third episode, his popularity remained at the top.

Even though he participated quite rarely, he was way ahead of the others on this aspect.

The audience had not had enough of watching him yet.

Before the start of every episode, they would all cheer and hope that he would come back and participate in the filming.

When they realized that he did not after the end of every episode, they would go to the shows official Weibo account to express their disappointment.

During the episodes when Shi Xiaoya participated, the netizens had flocked to her Weibo account in droves to ask her to quickly ask Han Zhuoling to come and participate in the show.

There were messages like: “Xiaoya, quick, let your Mr.

CEO out! Let him participate in the show please!”

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