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Chapter 2235: We Just Got Married and Youre Thinking of Splitting My Money

Lu Man quickly said, “Dad said that this wouldnt be considered their honeymoon.

They even have a child now, so they are long past the period for a honeymoon.

They are just going out to have fun normally.”

“Hear that!” Old Mrs.

Han instantly became indignant again.


The family home was very lively.

On this same day, Lu Qi came out after visiting Xia Qingyang in jail.

She still remembered the question that Xia Qingyang had asked, “He Zhengbai didnt come with you”

Lu Qi had a tiny bit of conscience, after all.

She knew that Xia Qingyangs life inside was not good at all, and she did not want her to be upset because of this.

Anyway, even if Xia Qingyang found out about it, it would be of no use when shes in jail.

Not like she could come out and help her.

So, Lu Qi did not say anything.

But she really did not know what kind of a life she was living now.

Before Xia Qingyang had completely admitted to all the charges, He Zhengbai still treated her pretty well and would even pacify her.

After Xia Qingyang really went in, when He Zhengbai and even the whole He family was safe, He Zhengbai could not even be bothered to act for one day more.

That change was like an instant downward spiral, making one unable to react.

The previous second, he was still deeply infatuated with her and was so accepting of everything about her as he called her “Qi Qi.”

When the matter was finally resolved, the next second, he became aloof and nonchalant.

After the two of them got married, they stayed in the house that the He family had gifted to He Zhengbai a few years earlier.

Before the two of them got married, Lu Qi would also go over occasionally to spend the night in that house, but they did not cohabit.

That was a place for He Zhengbai to conveniently attend lessons and shoot productions after class.

Although it was not a temporary house, it was still a very classic bachelors style of residence.

Lu Qi would go over occasionally.

There were some of Lu Qis things in the house, but not many.

She could not treat it as a marital home for newlyweds no matter what.

On that residence, He Zhengbais personal stamp was very obvious.

Lu Qi was not very happy about it.

She thought that since the two of them were living together, they should upgrade to a bigger house!

If they renovated it, that would really give the feel that they were married, no

Alas, she had only suggested it when He Zhengbai said, “No.

Im living pretty well here.

If you dont like it, you can go buy a big house on your own.

Anyway, when we got married, you didnt give any dowry.”

Lu Qi became unhappy when she heard that.

“What do you mean I should buy a house I dont care about that bit of money to buy a house with, but I cant accept that from your words, whatever I like, whatever I want, its something thats totally not related to you!”

Lu Qi did not want to be taken advantage of and said, “You said I didnt give dowry Then did you give me any betrothal gifts or money”

“Great, Lu Qi.

You want to be calculative with me about this” He Zhengbai said in cold voice.

“We have only just been married for a few days and you want to argue with me over these things We have just gotten married, and you already reveal your true colors You think you dont need to pretend in front of me anymore.

We have just gotten married and youre thinking of splitting my money already”

“What splitting your money Make yourself clear!” Lu Qi was so enraged that her eyes reddened.

“You also know we just got married We are newlyweds, and youre saying all these to me I want to have a bigger house.

Are you the one who cant afford it or me If you dont want to, cant you talk to me properly about it Must you be so sarcastic and even kick up a fuss about my dowry! Do you think that Im not worthy of a big house, huh

“He Zhengbai!” Lu Qi saw that He Zhengbai actually really gave her a look of agreement, and she almost went crazy from anger.

“You think that since I dont have my father protecting me anymore, you can easily bully me! You think that since I have no backer anymore, you can just disregard me!”

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