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Chapter 2240: Who Knew Han Zhuoling Was So Popular

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When Lu Qi saw He Zhengbais answer, her anger threatened to burst from within.

But she did not dare to fly into a temper.

He Zhengbai would really beat her to death otherwise.

To prevent her from shooting her mouth off, they even brought her home to live there.

But this was done in the name of watching her movements.

Lu Qi did not wish to stay there at first.

Shed rather stay in He Zhengbais house on the other side.

But He Zhengbai sneered.

“Didnt you want to stay in a large house Live in my home.

Thatll fulfill your wish.”

A few short days after her marriage, Lu Qi already hit rock bottom.

But she had no idea that this rock bottom currently had no bounds and her downward journey was still on.

Every time she thought it was the end, she continued falling.

And Lu Qi did not mention any of these to Xia Qingyang.

She could visit Xia Qingyang today because, during this period of time, she acted like she was defeated and was cooperative.

She no longer confronted the He family outright.

Slowly, she let the He family believe that shed learned to be obedient, that she could see the circumstances clearly.

Before she had the ability to fight the He family, she would never act recklessly again.

As for whether she would have that ability

The He family was not worried.

No matter how much Lu Qi struggled, nothing would come out of it.

But this also finally led to some peace in the He family at last.

While Lu Qi was in hot waters with the He family, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling went to film the special episode of Survivor.

Lu Dongliu and his team were brainstorming how to go about filming the special episode.

They didnt want it to be like that of other shows, which merely made a concert as the special episode to bluff the audience.

They really wanted to make it special.

In the end, they decided to let the netizens decide on 12 main guests from across the season and vote for the most popular ones who would film an episode of group matches.

Six people would form a team, and two teams would go head-to-head.

The show originally had 12 hosts, but ever since the popular debut of Survivor, many celebrities had gone on the show to promote their new works.

So the number of guests had increased.

The ones publicizing their works might not have been the hosts, but they could draw lots of fans because of their good performance, or they drew criticism because of their poor showing.

The production team listed all the guests, hosts included, for the audience to vote for the 12 guests they most wished to see.

The special episode wouldnt be like the normal show, with every episode split into two parts, an hour each.

The special episode this time would last two hours and thirty minutes straight, from the daily routines of the guests to forming teams and competing.

The production team planned for the group challenges to be easy, as the special episode was meant to be relaxing.

It was the special episode, after all, so it was meant to be entertaining and lighthearted for the audience too, using less brainpower.

It was mainly to let the audience know more about the private side of the guests.

Usually, the audiences view the guests through camera lenses, and they could only see what they present in front of the camera.

Even so, as long as they were in front a camera, theyd be more or less acting to a certain degree.

But it was good as long as the audience liked it.

And the production would first invite the 12 most popular voted guests.

And if any of the 12 guests were unavailable due to scheduling issues, the production team would invite the others according to their descending popularity.

But knowing the popularity of Han Zhuoling was one thing.

What stunned the production team most was seeing exactly how popular he was!

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