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Chapter 2263: Testing Your Desire to Survive

“We wont tell you the answers, youll have to decide yourselves.

Theres only one chance—get it wrong and youre out.

“First, we have to disqualify those without clues,” Chi Xingrui said.


Liu Chuanhui, Cao Jingcheng, Xiao He, Ni Xue, and Peng Zhen, the five of you did not find any clues, so youll be disqualified.

Please step out.”

The five went to stand at the “disqualified” area.

“And now, the rest of you, please write your guesses on your respective whiteboards,” Chi Xingrui said.

When everyone finished writing, Chi Xingrui said, “Please show your answers.”

Zhang Shuidong: “Matching couple.”

“Brother Zhang, that sounds like speed dating!” Cao Jingcheng laughed.

Zhang Jian blinked, revealing his board.

“Write the person you wish to disqualify on the card.”

Everybody: “…”

“What a suspicious idea!” Liu Chuanhui laughed hard while at the “disqualified” area.

“You cant beat him!”

Zhang Jian: “…”

“I got a card for a clue,” Zhang Jian said.

“Isnt it likely to be used for disqualification”

Zhang Xiangyou gave Zhang Jian a big thumbs-up.


“Next, Mr.

Lin Yantao, please show your answer,” Chi Xingrui said.

Lin Yantao: “Change clothes.”

Everybody: “…”

Zhang Shuidong was dying of laughter.

“Old Lin, change what clothes!”

“I found a skirt,” Lin Yantao explained innocently.

“I thought wed have to change into the prop we found.”

“Then wear it!” Zhang Shuidong immediately raised his hand.

“I suggest letting Old Lin wear his skirt for the rest of the mission!”

“Get it straight!” Lin Yantao argued back good-naturedly.

“What my skirt You should say, my prop skirt!”

“Zhang Xiangyou, your answer please,” Chi Xingrui instructed again.

Zhang Xiangyou flipped his board around, revealing, “Inviting female guests.”

“Alright, not wrong!” Liu Chuanhui clapped.

“Lastly, Young Master Ling, please reveal your answer,” Chi Xingrui said.

Han Zhuoling showed: “Inviting Xiaoya.”

“Thats good!” Zhang Shuidong clapped.

“Audiences in front of the TV! Guys, especially those with girlfriends and wives, take a good look and learn what a perfect answer looks like!”

“Inviting female partners is wrong!” Lin Yantao joined in the party.

“Youre with a girlfriend and you still want a female partner Who are you inviting You have to write your girlfriends name directly!”

“Young Master Ling, have you done a test on your desire to survive” Cao Jingcheng asked.

“What test” Han Zhuoling was clueless.

Zhang Xiangyou cleared his throat.

“Come, let me give you one on the spot!

“For instance, what if you two had a fight, and Xiaoya got angry and left home, what are you going to do”

Zhang Xiangyou turned to Zhang Jian.

“Zhang Jian, you first.

What would you do”

Zhang Jian considered it before replying, “Surely Im going to call her and ask her to return.”

“Naive.” Zhang Xiangyou shook his head.

“Xiao He, what about you What are you going to do”

Cheng He scratched his head.

“Apologize! No matter whos wrong, making my girlfriend angry is my fault.”

“Alright! Thats good! Xiao He, your future is bright!” Everyone clapped at the side.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiangyou shook his head and turned to Han Zhuoling.

“What about you, Young Master Ling”

Han Zhuoling looked utterly confused.

“Fight Hows that possible Ill never fight with Xiaoya.

Why would I make her angry”

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