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Chapter 2288: Unreasonable

He looked like he was really taking guidance from him.

Alas, Shi Guanzhong had been waiting for Han Zhuolings promises the entire time, and he had also drunk a little too much, so he said with displeasure, “Why are you keeping quiet all this while!

“Youre not even married yet and you already think you can relax and dont need to be considerate and caring towards Xiaoya anymore Is that it” Shi Guanzhong asked.

“…” Han Zhuoling said very patiently, “No.

I am listening closely to your instructions, Dad.

Im remembering all your words.

Rest assured, I definitely wont be like that.

I treat Xiaoya well before marriage, and I will definitely treat her even better after marriage.”

“Whats going on” Shi Nancangs face was flushed all red from being drunk.

“Why dont you treat Xiaoya before marriage as good as you would after marriage Dont tell me if she doesnt marry you, you wont hold her in high regard You wont treat her well enough”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

With two seriously drunk people, one who was about to marry off his daughter and one who was about to marry off his younger sister, one really could not speak reasonably.

They were even scarier than girlfriends who were being unreasonable.

But thankfully, Shi Xiaoya had yet to be so unreasonable.

Shi Xiaoya placed her hand over her forehead, wanting to stop the two men whod already decided to be unreasonable.

But Du Yiqin stopped her.

Du Yiqin said in a hushed voice, “Dont stop the two of them at a time like this.

Theyre marrying you off to someone else; they dont feel assured and their hearts are aching too.

And its not just them.

Even I whos already so pleased with Zhuoling still cant help but worry, thinking about how, in the future, you wont just be our familys little daughter but also someone elses wife, as well as some other familys daughter-in-law.”

“Being a daughter and being someones wife and someones daughter-in-law are different, after all.

No matter how nice your in-laws are, you wont be able to be as carefree and as relaxed as you would be in your own home.

There will always be considerations and reservations about things that you cant do here and there.

“As a daughter, you are the apple of your mothers eye.

But after you are married, it will be different.” Du Yiqins eyes teared up a little.

She heaved a heavy sigh and said, “After you are married, you will need to have children.

As a mother, that will be even more difficult.

In a persons life, the happiest time is probably after one is born up until the time before one goes to school.

After that, the older we grow up, the more difficult things become.

“And for a womans life, the most carefree period is before they get married.” Du Yiqin caressed Shi Xiaoyas hair and said, “But you have to grow up, and you cant be a little girl forever.

There are many words and thoughts filled with heartache that I want to tell Zhuoling about too.

But I wont be able to say them, so Ill let your dad and your older brother say them.”

“Mom…” Shi Xiaoya felt like she was about to cry.

Du Yiqin was sitting right beside her.

Shi Xiaoya held her elbow, leaning her forehead on Du Yiqins shoulder.

When Du Yiqin said those things, Shi Xiaoya felt a little like she did not want to get married anymore.

She just wanted to keep staying by her parents side.

Gradually, she would be able to empathize with Du Yiqins feelings.

But she did not have children yet, so she might not be able to empathize completely.

Yet this already made her want to cry.

Han Zhuoling was on the opposite side.

Although he was listening closely to Shi Guanzhong and Shi Nancangs words, he was also paying special attention to Shi Xiaoya.

When he saw Shi Xiaoyas reaction, he instantly felt alarmed.

Must not let Shi Xiaoya regret it!

He still hadnt made her his wife yet!

Hadnt Du Yiqin always been his teammate

Why did she drag him down today!

Han Zhuoling instantly said very seriously and somberly to Du Yiqin, “Mom, rest assured.

I will make sure that even after marriage, Xiaoya will be as relaxed and as carefree as she was before marriage.”

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