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Chapter 2289: Who Would Make Promises to a Drunkard

“No matter how carefree and pampered she had been before marriage, that would only be exceeded after marriage.

It wont ever fall below that standard,” Han Zhuoling said seriously to Du Yiqin.

“The stress and difficulties after marriage, I wont let her go through those.

“Our family has always given their daughters-in-law ample freedom.

From my mom to Second Aunt, to Lu Man, they all did not need to change any part of themselves in front of their in-laws.

On the contrary, my mom had been a little reserved in the past and was not able to relax as much.

But in recent years, shed become more and more at ease and would speak her mind.

No one ever chided her.

“Even when she quarreled with my dad, the two elders never interfered and would even help her,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Its true that they are not the people closest to Xiaoya, so she cannot be too bold, but she can be bold towards me.

She doesnt need to have any reservations at all.

“In the future, she will also become a mother.

She will worry for her children, but she wont be unhappy because of this,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I will work hard so that she will not have to change after marriage, and I will not make her feel that she is no longer as happy and carefree as she had been when she was single.”

That little bit of heartache that Shi Xiaoya felt initially was now suppressed because of Han Zhuolings words.

Han Zhuoling finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Had he not been careful, he might have lost his wife.

Shi Guanzhong said in a drunken slur, “Just now, when I talked to you, you just nodded your head.

When your mom talks to you, you immediately make promises.

This is not fair!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Who would make promises to a drunkard

Once he fell asleep and woke up tomorrow, he would have forgotten everything.

Wont he have made promises for nothing then

Promises naturally had to be made to people who could remember them.

But afterward, Shi Guanzhong and Shi Nancang both became too drunk, and they even forgot what they themselves wanted to say.

After speaking to Shi Xiaoyas parents, the next day, the two of them went to the family home.

They told all the elders in the Han Family about Han Zhuolings successful marriage proposal.

Han Zhuoli only then learned the reason why Han Zhuoling went to work at noontime the day before.

It was probably because he felt too happy after his successful proposal and was being intimate with Shi Xiaoya at home, so he did not feel like coming to work.

Although Lin Liye and everyone else did not know that Han Zhuoling went to work very late yesterday, they took to heart all the changes they saw in him ever since he got together with Shi Xiaoya.

This kind of change was of course good.

This kind of Han Zhuoling made people feel that he had flesh and blood, that hed become more like a human.

As to his changes, the elders in the Han Family naturally felt happy about it, and naturally, they had no sort of dissatisfaction towards Shi Xiaoya.

After Han Zhuoling divorced, actually, Old Mrs.

Han had already been mentally prepared, thinking that Han Zhuoling would probably not get married again in his lifetime.

Yes, Old Mrs.

Han kept rushing him and wanting to introduce some ladies to him or things like that.

But in fact, Old Mrs.

Han had been mentally prepared long ago.

Old Mrs.

Han had rushed him not because she wanted him to have descendants.

Old Mrs.

Han was not so old-fashioned in her thinking.

She just did not want to see Han Zhuoling being all by himself, still single and alone even when he was old.

Han Zhuoli already had his own family, and Han Zhuofeng would too in the future.

When that time came, if Han Zhuoling was still all by himself, it would really be too lonely.

It would only be good if he had a lover to stay by his side so they could keep each other company.

Old Mrs.

Han did not want to see Han Zhuoling, whod been all cold and aloof when he was young, remain that way into the future.

She hoped that Han Zhuoling could experience the little bits of warmth in life.

At first, Old Mrs.

Han had felt really troubled.

She could not give as much pressure to Han Zhuoling as she had to Han Zhuoli.

And even to Han Zhuoli, shed only appeared a little more anxious.

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